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AdsWizz Lands Deal with Italy’s Mediamond

AdsWizz announced that it has been chosen as the audio partner for all direct and programmatic sales for the web radio and podcasts of media sales house Mediamond. The Italy-based business will use AdsWizz’s audio ad-tech products for serving advertisements, connecting and managing programmatic demand sources, and analytics. Mediamond will also represent the AdsWizz AdWave Marketplace, making its inventory available for demand partners across Italy. This deal lays groundwork for Italy’s first programmatic audio campaigns through the Mediamond Audio Exchange, or MAX.With 37% of the Italian audience listening to music online* (with over 50% of users being between 14-29 years old), and radio developing new content via apps and podcasts, digital audio is an increasingly effective channel for advertisers and other demand partners to reach target audiences.

“We are delighted to partner with Mediamond,” AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer said. “They are an ideal partner for the development of the digital audio market in Italy. We look forward to working together to raise awareness with advertisers and demonstrate how digital audio can very effectively deliver the right message to engaged consumers.”

“Selecting AdsWizz’s ad tech suite is part of Mediamond’s initiative to develop and lead Italy’s audio market,” said Davide Mondo, CEO of Mediamond. “We are excited to fully implement programmatic audio to complete our existing programmatic offer.”