AdsWizz and RTBiQ Partner to Bring Advanced Direct Response Programs Through Programmatic Digital Audio Advertising

San Mateo, Calif., November 17, 2016 — AdsWizz, the leading global technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital audio industry, announced today its partnership with RTBiQ to bring advanced direct response tools to programmatic digital audio advertising. The partnership will allow RTBiQ’s advertisers to easily add the power of digital audio to their existing programmatic digital campaigns along with video, native and display. RTBiQ’s mobile-first DSP will leverage AdWave – AdsWizz’s audio ad marketplace – to programmatically access digital audio inventory from many of the world’s leading audio publishers.

“We are proud to partner with AdsWizz to be the first mobile-centric DSP to help our marketers apply the superior audience targeting, optimization and attribution capabilities of real time bidding to the uniquely impactful medium that is digital audio,” said Richard Lowden, CEO of RTBiQ. “We look forward to working with AdsWizz to empower all marketers to realize the full benefit of digital audio combined with our best-in-class attribution and audience targeting tools.”

“We are thrilled to launch this partnership with RTBiQ to offer their advertisers the ability to access digital audio inventory at scale across the leading publishers,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “We look forward to working with RTBiQ to leverage their expertise and technology to drive business results to their advertisers,” he adds.

Programmatic buying provides advertisers with a very effective access to advertising inventory, reaching their specific target audiences via a streamlined buying process. Programmatic advertising has exploded in recent years in the display, mobile, and video markets. With the proliferation and growth of ad-funded music and podcasting services, and increased listening of the digital streams of traditional radio broadcasters, advertisers are increasingly demanding the ability to bring the power of programmatic trading to their buys of audio advertising. The partnership will allow RTBiQ to target audio advertisements to listeners on a one-to-one basis. Accessing AdsWizz’s AdWave marketplace directly connects RTBiQ’s advertisers to the largest premium audio marketplace in the world.

About AdsWizz

AdsWizz is the leading technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital audio industry. The company seamlessly connects the digital audio advertising ecosystem with its suite of platforms and software solutions. AdsWizz provides leading audio publishers with advanced server-side and client-side insertion software, and with audio-centric ad serving and supply-side platforms. AdsWizz also operates the largest premium audio ad marketplace and provides ad networks and programmatic trading desks with solutions to effectively trade online audio inventory.

AdsWizz powers the world’s leading audio publishers, agencies, advertisers, and digital ad-sale teams. The company is based in San Mateo, California with teams in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit us at

About RTBiQ

RTBiQ is a cross-device, cross-format, mobile first DSP. The company empowers marketers of every size to leverage the advanced capabilities of one-to-one audience buying through real time bidding to target, optimize and provide attribution across digital marketing campaigns including video, audio, display, native and coupons. We prioritize transparency and customizability. For more information, visit us at


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