by INSIDERADIO, May 3, 2017


From “Beauty & The Beast” to Burger King, advertisers are experimenting with ways to plug their products on red-hot voice-activated speakers. Now digital audio ad solutions firm AdsWizz is helping more digital audio advertisers get into the game.

Together with advertising agencies Publicis’ Mediavest | Spark, MDC Partner’s Assembly, and WPP’s Mindshare, AdsWizz is developing skills to integrate brands on iHeartRadio via Amazon’s Alexa speakers. Through iHeart Radio’s skill, Alexa users can access thousands of radio station live feeds, as well as iHeartRadio’s exclusive channels, such as artist stations and branded channels.

AdsWizz is making its platform available for music and radio skill developers looking to target Alexa users with interactive ads. For instance, an ad on iHeartRadio for a product could instruct the listener to ask Alexa to put the item in their Amazon shopping cart for future purchase. “These powerful capabilities allow music and radio skill developers to offer unique, high-value advertising opportunities to their advertisers, and to make advertising more engaging and useful for listeners,” says Don Albert, AdsWizz’s North American president.

Content providers, including radio stations, are developing skills to integrate with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Home and other devices, and advertisers have been eyeing the emerging space as well. With the new AdsWizz platform, the company says content for existing streaming audio ads can now be customized for Alexa, allowing users to interact with the ads through voice commands. AdsWizz is making its technical solution available for music and radio skill developers looking to activate digital audio ads for Alexa systems.

“AdsWizz is proud to work with iHeartMedia, Mediavest | Spark, Assembly and Mindshare to help our skill and advertising partners learn how best to engage with their customers through voice,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “Voice will change the way people behave digitally. Hence it is important that we start designing and testing new ways for brands to positively interact with customers in this new environment.”

AdsWizz provides digital audio advertising solutions for audio publishers, and also operates a programmatic marketplace for digital audio inventory. The company says it will unveil advertising partners and additional skills for its Alexa initiatives in the coming weeks.

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Liz Estrella
Public Relations