Xaxis Launches First Digital Audio Campaign Programmatic in Belgium

Streaming music consumption continues to increase and advertisers are now able to to reach their target audience via digital audio advertisements.

Via Xaxis’ built-in Data Management Platform, Xaxis Audio allows advertisers to buy digital audio inventory in real time while targeting a specific audience, integrating audio campaigns in their digital strategy.

“The programmatic platforms were initially designed for the purchase of banners and video online. With programmatic radio, we are taking a major step toward the purchasing of traditional media Programmatically”, stated Frederik Dooms, Director at Xaxis Belgium. “It is obvious that targeting a specific audience on different media simultaneously brings an added value to a media strategy. We can determine how and if a user was exposed to a campaign through a banner, video or audio spot.”

Xaxis launched the first programmatic audio campaign with the agency Maxus. Maxus has found Sunweb as the perfect advertiser to launch a campaign using programmatic audio. According Britt Luyten, Head of Maxus Comms Planning in Belgium, “Sunweb is constantly looking for new opportunities to convey their message to their audience and are not afraid to try new innovative solutions. Sunweb was the ideal partner to launch the first campaign programmatic radio in Belgium.”