Today, I am thrilled to announce that we will be joining forces with Pandora, the pioneer in streaming music, and the largest digital audio publisher in the US. The combination of AdsWizz talent and technology with Pandora’s audience and resources will enable us to realize our full potential and purpose in connecting the world’s digital audio ecosystem with monetization solutions that bring audio to everyone.


When I came to AdsWizz 7 years ago, I was drawn by the mission to be the leading technology provider for digital audio.  At that time, the digital audio industry was in its infancy, and programmatic buying was just taking off. We were a small, dedicated team with a big vision.  Fast forward to today, where streaming services, podcasts, and voice activated speakers are becoming the norm. Throughout that time, we never stopped innovating, pushing our technology platform – and the entire industry — forward with new solutions, and committing ourselves every day to our partners success.  Today, we are the leaders in digital audio ad technology with the largest and most respected publishers and agencies relying on our full-stack audio advertising platform.


Our vision doesn’t stop here.  By combining with Pandora, we will continue to focus on innovative digital audio monetization and advertising solutions in a rapidly changing world.  We will continue to operate independently, under the AdsWizz brand, and Pandora is committed to supporting our core business, and is also investing resources in technology development that will benefit ALL our customers and partners, including publishers, broadcasters, podcasters, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks.


We know that the value we have created for all our stakeholders – brands, publishers and listeners – comes from our ability to create engaging and well-targeted advertising experiences.  That will not change. Our focus has always been digital audio, with a unique expertise in innovative monetization solutions. That will not change. What will change is our ability to grow even faster, to develop technology more rapidly, to accelerate our ability to provide solutions that meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of advertisers and digital audiences.  And to have an even bigger impact on people’s lives.


This is only the beginning.


The journey ahead promises to be exciting!


~ Alexis