San Francisco, CA – March 9, 2018 – AdsWizz, the leading technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital audio industry, announced today that Lagardere Publicite, one of the major media sales house in France, has selected AdsWizz’s audio-centric digital advertising platform as its advertising solution for its valuable podcast inventory.  Lagardere chose AdsWizz for its Ad Insertion Suite and audio trafficking solution, AudioServe, to enable dynamic and targeted ad insertion in order to optimize the monetization of their podcasts. In addition, Lagardère Publicité is using AudioMetrix, the AdsWizz analytics solution which provides valuable insights into digital and podcast audience and usage.  The agreement covers Lagardère Publicité’s major radio brands, including Europe 1, Virgin Radio, and RFM.  


“We look forward to this new milestone in our media offering by taking advantage of AdsWizz products. These solutions give us better control over the monetization of our podcasts and a better analysis of our campaigns,” says Marie Renoir-Couteau, Managing Director, Radio, Television and Culture Division.


AdsWizz’s audio ad serving solution has been deployed since February at the Lagardère Active radio hub, which includes Europe 1, RFM and Virgin Radio.  The platform, which conforms to IAB standards, allows users to monetize different formats (pre-roll and post-roll) and use different ad creatives. The solution also lays the foundation to connect in a future phase to programmatic buying.  With impressions counted in real time, regardless of the listening mode (streaming or download), campaign reports are also available easily and instantly.

In addition to ad serving, Lagardère Publicité also is subscribing to AudioMetrix, AdsWizz’s integrated audience monitoring tool, to analyze and better understand the listening behavior.


Podcast listening has seen an explosion in recent years in Europe, and all over the world.  The number of downloads of podcasts on Europe 1 has doubled over the past two years to over 25 million downloads per month*, making it the most podcasted private radio**.  Podcasts are a unique medium that offer advertisers a premium and intimate listening experience with listeners.  Lagardère Publicité’s radio inventory is mainly through affinity logic, as well as thematic packages, including politics, culture, news, humor, economy, and health services. Advertisers can also choose dynamic ad creatives that are adapted to the listening context or the theme of the podcasted show. The number of advertisers using these new, more engaging and integrated formats increased by 30% in 2017, and is expected to grow even more in the future.


About AdsWizz:
AdsWizz is the leading provider of advertising technologies and solutions for the digital audio industry. The company seamlessly connects the digital audio advertising ecosystem to its suite of platforms and software solutions. AdsWizz provides leading audio publishers with advanced client-side and server-side inserter software, as well as its adserving and audio-centric offering. AdsWizz also operates the largest premium audio marketplace and provides advertising networks and programmatic trading desks with solutions for effectively negotiating online audio inventory. AdsWizz is the partner of the world’s leading digital advertising companies, advertisers and audio publishers. The company is based in San Mateo, in California, with teams in Europe, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit

About Lagardère Advertising:
With nearly 100 Lagardère Group and external publishers, Lagardère Publicité is a major player in the French advertising market. Its core business is based on a network of 4 media — press, radio, television, digital — and the know-how of special operations.  With its new brand platform, Lagardère Publicité reaffirms its specialties and strengths, through the pillars of power, expertise, proximity.  The Régie proposes a multi-faceted offer, which provides diversified offerings across many targets, on many themes in qualified contexts:
• 9 French out of 10 (1) consume at least one media brand in the Lagardère Publicité perimeter,
• 30 brands that bring together 23 million Internet users (2), 32 million readers (3), more than 23 million listeners (4), nearly 5 million viewers (5),
• an editorial quality, supported by the group, based on the know-how of 900 journalists, reporters and photographers.

* Adserver, January 2018
** Global Radio 2017 – Part 1 – Source: Web Observatory – October 2016-June 2017 – Internet users 15 years and over Ranking

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