The data processing activities carried out by the AdsWizz under the Principal Agreement may be described as follows:


  1. Subject matter

The subject matter of the Principal Agreement concerns the provision of AdsWizz providing Customer advertising and/or audience analytics solutions for digital audio.


  1. Duration

AdsWizz shall process personal data during the terms of the Principal Agreement.


  1. Nature and purpose

The AdsWizz processing shall be as described under the Principal Agreement and for the purpose of providing targeted advertisements and/or audience analytics, and to comply with other reasonable written instructions provided by Customer where such instructions are consistent with the terms of the Principal Agreement.


  1. Data categories

 AdsWizz shall process all or part of the following categories of personal data about Customer users: plain or modified IP address, geo-location data such as but not limited to device GPS coordinates, device / browser / application / operating system language, type or identifier, mobile network and/or  wireless carrier information, unique identifiers such as but not limited to user-resettable advertising identifiers, identifiers persisted in cookies browsing information, first party user account data collected by Customer such as but not limited to user music preferences, age, gender user device usage parameters such as but not limited to motion and/or accelerometer information, headphone status, and audio volume.


  1. Data subjects

The Personal Data transferred concerns end users of advertising placements, who are deemed Data Subjects.