Partnering with Publicis Media, SpotCom Client Das Örtliche Successfully Drives App Downloads with Mobile Phone Users via Innovative Digital Audio Advertising Format

Munich, Germany, and San Francisco, CA – December 14, 2017 –– National audio advertising sales company SpotCom, partnering with Publicis Media, successfully ran the first ever interactive audio ad campaign in Germany using the AdsWizz Shake MeTM audio ad format. Digital audio ads for SpotCom’s client Das Örtliche prompted listeners to shake or tap their phone when they listened to the Das Örtliche ad, which then took them directly to the advertiser’s web page in the app store to download the app. Listeners did not have to click on the ad to interact with it, but merely shook or tapped their phone during or just after hearing the ad.

In today’s highly mobile and connected consumer environment, advertisers are investing in digital audio to reach a large and fast growing audience and enhance their effective reach with mobile consumers. Audio is on when screens are not. AdsWizz technology allows listeners to interact directly with the ads without the need to unlock their phones or even look at their screens. The intuitive and seamless experience helped drive strong conversion for the brand.

“We are delighted to have carried out the very first German-wide Shake MeTM campaign with SpotCom. For us, this innovative form of advertising offers an entirely new opportunity to interact directly with our users,” says Daniel Wurl, Head of Advertising & Communication at Das Örtliche.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 2016 report on the digital audio advertising market highlights that “as consumer demand for connected products expands, screens and browsers on these devices are shrinking or even disappearing. New, voice-activated products like Amazon Echo are becoming increasingly popular. The connected car and the internet of things are audio- first environments where what you hear is more important than what you see, creating a landscape where advertisers, brands, and agencies with developed expertise in audio messaging are poised to excel.”

“We are thrilled our customers are using the Shake MeTM format we developed to successfully deliver more relevant experiences for listeners,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “The creative minds at SpotCom, Publicis, and Das Örtliche see the potential to use this

technology to create a better advertiser, publisher, and consumer experience. The audio format has a unique ability to deliver a mobile, personalized and interactive advertising experience that blends with the content. By launching interactive ad formats that don’t rely on a visual interaction, brands can increasingly measure and optimize performance.”

AdsWizz understands that people are often multi-tasking when listening to music or podcasts. The patent pending, Shake MeTM audio ad format enables listeners to easily act on an offer by an advertiser when they are interested in learning more. Using this format, advertisers using the AdsWizz solution gain an innovative new option to offer listeners value-added services in the form of locally relevant coupons, app downloads, navigation support and direction via Google Maps, boarding passes, or access to a live person via an automatically dialed phone call.

Campaign Details. The goal of the Das Örtliche campaign, which ran across Germany in August and September of this year, was to generate app downloads through new and innovative ad formats. During the advertising spot, the listener was prompted to shake his or her smartphone twice, thereby landing directly on the respective page for the app in the app store. During the three-week campaign more than 500,000 audio impressions were delivered, which led to 5,560 shakes, or nearly 3X the average click through rate for a mobile display ad, enabling listeners to respond to the call to action in an entirely new and measurable way.

“Audio has always been an interactive channel – e.g. in the form of a radio program – and will continue to be a significant channel of interaction in the future, too,” adds Sven Ruehlicke, Managing Director of SpotCom.. “AI and voice recognition lend this development a new dynamic. Shake MeTM picks up on this trend and creates a more natural, more intuitive interaction with the user than simply clicking on a banner. This is reflected in the success of the campaign.”


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The national audio ad sales company SpotCom GmbH & Co. KG from Ismaning is a 100% subsidiary of ANTENNE BAYERN and is the marketer for Germany’s most successful private radio station of the same name as well as the digital radio station ROCK ANTENNE and the regional station in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Antenne 1. In the online audio market, SpotCom is the sales house for User Generated RadioTM, Radio Hamburg, ffn and the highlight streams of

Further information on ShakeMeTM in German language can be found on SpotCom’s website:

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Das Örtliche is edited and published jointly by Deutsche Tele Medien and 94 publishers. The editorial and publisher collective ensures that the diverse contents of Das Örtliche are not only available for users as a book, online and mobile via, and as apps for smart phones and tablets, but also are being continuously developed. In 2016 Das Örtliche products achieved usage of ca. 1.4 billion across all media. The wordmark Das Örtliche is listed in the trademark register and with its typical blue and white color scheme it denotes the entire product range in all media.