Tel Aviv, Israel 4th of April, 2013 – ADiO a digital audio advertising network in Israel, announced a partnership with AdsWizz SA, a leading provider of Digital Audio technologies. Throughout this partnership, ADiO will enable AdsWizz’s clients to connect to the ADiO advertising network in Israel.

The integration of ADiO and AdsWizz’s platforms provides ADiO advertisers with greater reach and premium inventory that is precision-targeted to the individual listener; providing publishers with a complete digital audio revenue solution across all platforms: web and mobile devices. It also provides advertisers with unique capabilities, such as 3rd party audio tracking and “listen-through-rate”, that enables accurate measurement of advertising reach and effectiveness. This partnership allows Israeli advertisers to create rich media campaigns, delivering high-impact audio advertising across online assets. AdsWizz’s technology provides the ability to target consumers by demographics, listening preferences, and geographical locations; while benefitting from real time reporting and analytics. In addition, ADiO uses and monetize AdsWizz audio AdExchange, by marketing top international brands like Digitally Imported, AOL / Shoutcast and more, with high rates of listening in Israel.

“We are excited to expand our Network through our partnership with AdsWizz and offer our advertisers greater reach across premium assets.The digital audio market in Israel is emerging we see the trends and deliver added value to advertisers in Israel with new and highly active audience”, says Dror Ganot, CEO of ADiO.

“Publishers choosing AdsWizz technology have increasing expectations. They want to optimize both the monetization of their streams and the quality of the listener experience.They now require advertising campaigns to be capped per listener and highly targeted based on user-level information. I’m excited about the ramp up of this partnership, as it combines the strength of the ADiO advertising network with AdsWizz technology to best serve our joint customers,” said Patrick ROGER, VP Sales & Marketing of AdsWizz.