Adswizz announces a partnership with media and streaming expert StreamUK that will dramatically increase the ad-revenues available to their StreamMP clients.

The integration of Adswizz’s targeted advertising solution will enable StreamUK clients to monetize their online video and audio content far more effectively and profitably than previous ‘blind’ solutions.

The partnership is a significant step forward for both companies who can now offer innovative monetisation options to an ever-growing demand in the market place. The integration looks to provide solutions for both video and audio media and target some of the UK’s largest content owners.

StreamUK CTO Joe Bray said;
“The ingenious demographically-targeted advertising and seamless ad insertion capabilities at Adswizz really do match up to today’s monetisation demands. This partnership won’t only make it easier for our clients to capitalise on their content but it will also bring innovation to online advertising engagement in 2012. “

StreamUK were founded in 2001 and offer a suite of online media products. Adswizz technology will be integrated with StreamMP which is the companies online video platform now used by a huge variety of large content owners from sports businesses such as Liverpool FC to e-commerce Web TV channels such as Argos TV.

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