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Digitally Imported Inc. is one of the largest independent multichannel Internet radio services. We operate three online stations: for electronic music, and, which consists of reggae, jazz, alternative and classic rock. Since 2000, we have been providing music to our online listening base around the world. Ad placement is how we make our revenues; we selected AdsWizz as one of our ad serving platforms, due to their flexibility, exceptional support services and the momentum they are generating. Read more at :


>For its future online radio service with Arbitron, AdsWizz is hiring in the U.S.

The October 26 TRI told you about Belgium-based AdsWizz agreeing to “process the server-based streaming log file” of the new service, and its president Alexis Van De Wyer now tells TRI that “we have recruited new employees just in the last few weeks.” And they “definitely will increase the size of the team”, with U.S. offices in the Bay Area and now in Denver.