CANADA – EDMONTON – April 5th, 2010 – StreamOn has chosen Adswizz’s cutting edge technology to enable its clients to monetize their internet radios with display, video and in-stream advertising. The display, video and audio adinsertion and campaign management tools of Adswizz will be available to Streamon clients with no additional setup from their part.

STREAMON and Adswizz take the opportunity at now famous Las Vegas, Rain Summit and NAB to announce their partnership. Streamon will integrate the Adswizz server side adinsertion technology in its streaming box and back-end systems thus providing to clients an all in 1 system that they can install in record time to start monetizing their internet radio. Clients will be able to benefit from the cutting edge Adswizz technology providing distinctive features such as multiple criteria targeting (IP, geography, contextual, device, registration data); tracking of listener behavior after listening to audio advertising; sequencing & capping of audio ads; real time reporting; easy combination of display, video and audio advertising, and intuitive trafficking interface to manage campaigns. Broadcasters can now do sophisticated advertising campaigns online with far less staff time thus maximizing their bottom line. The firewall penetration system of Streamon combined with its top notch sound quality give to advertisers the best possible reach and quality for their ads.

About STREAMON StreamOn is a stand-alone division of the OK Radio Group, a former Canadian respected broadcast group with over 30 years of experience. StreamOn supplies a plug-and-play hardware solution for streaming that empowers radio broadcasters to generate non-traditional revenue. Set-up is simple, but so is the streaming process. What really sets StreamOn apart from other services is the usability of the streaming appliance. Broadcasters can send out high-quality live content quickly, at low-bitrates, and in a user-friendly format. The StreamOn service takes away the headaches involved with streaming. It’s technically self-supporting, and that allows stations to focus on generating revenue rather than fixing problems.

“StreamOn’s Vision is to Provide High Quality, Easy to use solutions for OnLine Digital Teams. StreamOn see’s the Partnership with Adswizz as very valuable to our existing client’s and Future client’s. The simplicity of how the Digital Team can manage the entire process of add insertion/replacement is one of the main reason’s we like the Adswizz system. Implementation of the whole system is very easy and Customer Support is very Reliable. Now that the Addwizz process is fully integrated to our Streaming Appliance, the user has very little in Maintain. The Adwizz Development Team has a very good Reputation in Europe, the StreamOn Team is excited to introduce this to NorthAmerica”