Online Radio Solutions Latest PurePlay Broadcaster to Join AdsWizz’s Global Roster

Orlando, Florida and San Mateo, Calif.— September 17, 2013 — AdsWizz, a leading technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital radio and audio industries, today announced the addition of Online Radio Solutions to its growing client roster. Online Radio Solutions is the latest among a number of other prominent pureplay broadcasters that have tapped AdsWizz to help them better monetize their global listenership, including Idobi, 1.FM, Digitally Imported,, Fusion Radio, Futuradios (France), Hits & Fun (France), Rautemusik (Germany) and TraxxFM (Switzerland).

In addition to offering the only global audio ad exchange, AdsWizz’s unique technology allows audio ad buyers to precisely target audiences based on listening device, geo-location, registration data and context, ensuring a more relevant ad and high-quality experience for the listener. This type of targeting is ever-more important for digital radio broadcasters to make the most of their growing global listenerships.

“The digital radio broadcasters that have signed with AdsWizz know that the Internet has no borders,” said Alexis van de Wyer, chief executive officer of AdsWizz. “AdsWizz’s unique audio advertising technology platform and global advertiser base allow digital radio broadcasters to better monetize their audiences, from wherever in the world and on whatever device they may be listening.”

Idobi Radio, for example, has seen tremendous revenue growth since starting with AdsWizz. “Since we started with Adswizz, our ad sales have improved by 700% and 400% over consecutive quarters— helping Idobi Radio transition our small business into a successful global brand and a major player in online broadcasting,” said Tom Cheney at Idobi Radio.

Digitally Imported cites similar results. “Digitally Imported has a large international audience, which previously was not being monetized,” said Ari Shohat, Founder and CEO of Digitally Imported, Inc. “Now, using AdsWizz technology and tapping into its global ad exchange, we are earning significant revenue not just in the U.S., but in countries like Germany, France, and Spain as well.”

AdsWizz also provides accurate reporting on not only impressions but on engagement and post-listening behaviors, allowing ad buyers to better optimize their campaigns and publishers to better understand their audiences. This, in turn, means fewer irrelevant ads for listeners and a better value perception for digital radio broadcasters.

“We have used many audio ad technologies over the years since Online Radio Solutions LLC began broadcasting online,” said Rick White, CEO of Online Radio Solutions LLC. “We use AdsWizz because their server-side technology has been a great tool and helps make our geo targeting campaigns precise and easy to manage. In addition, Adswizz helps us to fully monetize our digital properties.”

RMS Radio Ad Network of Germany represents almost 200 Broadcasters and purely online radio stations. Like the pureplay broadcasters that have signed on with AdsWizz, the ad network is finding benefits to the increased publisher base and better targeting technology AdsWizz provides.

“Through AdsWizz’s technology and its global exchange, we are able to offer advertisers in Germany broad reach and great targeting across a large roster of global publishers,” said Frank Nolte, Head of Digital Media at RMS GmbH (Radio Marketing Service GmbH).

About AdsWizz
AdsWizz is a leading global technology provider of advertising solutions for the digital radio and audio industries. Its server-side solutions and global audio ad exchange offer advertisers unique targeting capabilities and provide audio publishers powerful new ways to monetize their listenership. This has led AdsWizz to quickly become a go-to resource for many of the world’s most prominent ad networks, agencies, and digital audio publishers.