Third-party tracking can be a great way of measuring ad metrics and providing details about user interaction with creatives using a 3rd party vendor.  However many of these solutions have been developed by ad-tech vendors providing display ad tracking.  This means that although their solutions may work smoothly for display, unfortunately they may not work for audio ads.


Why don’t all  3rd Party tracking solutions work?

From our experience, we have seen that vendors sometimes use bits of display ad technology that may not be compatible with audio and/or server-side.  Remember — audio can be delivered through many more types of devices and players vs. display advertising:  car radios, blue tooth players, mobile phones and computers, and now voice assistant, making it a bit more challenging to ensure that audio streams and ads are delivered to the right listener.


Because of this, we have intentionally made the choice to provide our clients with the best server-side insertion. We know that vendors either do not support audio impressions properly, or do not support server-side ad insertion properly — usually,  owing to such 3rd party vendors applying too simple anti-fraud mechanisms and/or not supporting basic HTTP directives such as X-forwarded-for.


What can AdsWizz do about it?

Because AdsWizz is not managing the 3rd Party Tracking vendors, we can’t prevent our clients from encountering any issues with their trackers. Since AdsWizz has built its ecosystem around Audio, and especially server-side ad insertion, we can’t predict nor manage how other vendors decide to consider traffic. However we can advise you on what our clients have successfully used in the past, so that you make better decisions when choosing what tracking you use.


What we also did and will continue to do is connect with such 3rd party adserver or DSP vendors, and try to understand their issues, and suggest solutions. However we cannot guarantee that they will be able to fix their tracking problems.  And unfortunately, AdsWizz is not able to publish a list of 3rd party tracker vendors that are guaranteed to work with audio and server-side, since vendor trackers keep changing and evolving.


What should you do?

Before using any 3rd Party Impression Tracking URL,  you should confirm with the 3rd party vendor that they support this kind of reporting (including reading the IP of the user from x-forwarded-for header).


Once I am ready to start, what else should I consider?

Once you have clarified with the 3rd Party Tracking vendor that their solution will work, here are some aspects to consider:

  • How much of the tag you should use
  • Changing the timestamp
  • Considering the macrons supported in AudioMatic or AudioServe.

To learn more about this topic- including accessing the list of supported macros, please log in to your MyAdsWizz Portal (access available to AdsWizz Clients only).  If you’d like to learn more about AdsWizz products or have someone from AdsWizz contact you, please send us an email here.