Digitally Imported Inc, owner of, and as well as and Corstarr Radio LLC, owner of 100 hitz, have signed with Adswizz an exclusive agreement to monetize their audio streams in Europe via the Adswizz Audio Advertising Exchange

For too many radios the choice today is between cutting their international streams and losing money. Consumers of radio and in particular of music have been quick at identifying radios worldwide that cater to their needs. There is a strong opportunity for radios to build international brands. Via the Adswizz exchange radios can now monetize their international audience.

Digitally Imported Inc is the owner of, and and is ranked as one of the top 10 internet radio audiences in the US. The company has also been extremely successful at building an international audience that is similar in size to its US audience leveraging the shoutcast/winamp directory. Adswizz will monetize its 6 million stream openings in Europe. and Corstarr Radio LLC, owner of, have built an impressive audience internationally of hundreds of thousands of users/listeners, thanks in part to their strong presence in itunes. Adswizz will monetize their stream openings in Europe. The server side adinsertion technology of Adswizz will be used to insert ads in the streams of these radios and enable targeting including to users of winamp and itunes.