Advanced end-to-end insertion capabilities.

AdsWizz Ad Insertion Suite and Software Development Kit (SDK)

The most advanced audio ad insertion software solution in the industry.

The Ad Insertion Suite enables in-stream insertion for any audio type, on any protocol, and on any player.

Enhance real-time ad insertion and replacement capabilities, smoothly manage ad breaks, and synchronize the delivery of companion display ads. Our ad insertion solution supports dynamic, pre-, mid- and post-roll sequencing of audio advertisements within live, linear simulcasts, as well as on-demand audio, including podcasting.

AdsWizz SDK enables mobile, client-side monetization with the added capability of cutting-edge audio ad formats.

Our SDK unlocks the ability to launch our motion-activated and interactive ad formats, including ShakeMe, Voice Ads, and more. Gain access to end-to-end capabilities when combined with other AdsWizz products like our Marketplace, Campaign Manager, DSP or SSP. Optimize flexibility, quality and cost with cutting-edge dynamic audio ad insertion.

Ad Insertion Suite.

Intelligent ad insertion, designed for audio, on any CDN or streaming technology

Highly Flexible

Guarantee high quality, real-time ad insertion and ad replacement with fully synchronized companion display delivery, and dynamic ad break management capabilities.

Cost Effective

Ensure the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by minimizing hardware, operations and downtime costs. Select the deployment that meets your needs, on virtual machines, bare metal servers, and public, or private clouds.

Enhanced Streaming

Get complete streaming services focused on optimizing the listening experience, supporting any combination of input and output protocols for live and linear simulcasts, as well as on-demand audio.

Fully Secure

Secure your valuable belongings from application attacks with multi-service password protection that turns AIS into the bank vault for web-facing servers.

Maximized Listening Time

Maximize your Total Listening Hours by providing the highest uptime, alternative streams for geo-blocked content, and by attracting more traffic from various internet directories.

Scalable and Adaptable

Scale up on any number of streams, listeners, sessions, and listening hours, with redundancy at any level (inputs, masters, or edges), for the right balance between uptime and costs.

AdsWizz SDK

Enabling mobile, client-side monetization.

Precise Measurements

Facilitate verification measurement for ads served to mobile environments without the need to integrate multiple SDKs from various service providers. Real-time collection and reporting mechanism for key run-time events.

Cutting-Edge Ad Formats

Keep listeners engaged, increase conversion, and create unique experiences with exclusive interactive ad formats, like Voice Ads and ShakeMe, even on smartwatches.

Intelligent Targeting

Create personalized experiences with device and contextual signals that enhance targeting capabilities such as GPS location, headphone listening, volume, Bluetooth use, motion, and first-party data.

Player Agnostic

Seize metadata without worrying about player limitations ─ AdsWizz technology allows you to capture it through a dedicated connection to our streaming server.

Privacy-enabled ID Management

Manage unique device listener IDs to ensure that your audience and listening metrics are correct, enabling frequency capping across streaming sessions, or within a single podcast episode.

Minimal Costs

Implement and maintain your player solutions with minimal costs. Simple, end-to-end integration makes upgrading from previous versions a breeze.
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