Optimize revenue for any audio platform.
Dynamic ad insertion, with precise one-to-one targeting.
Programmatic buying for your advertisers.
Positive, personalized listening experience for your users.
In the largest global audio marketplace.

Only with AdsWizz.

At AdsWizz, we focus on digital audio monetization solutions.

We have for over 10 years. We know audio – it’s what we do. And we have created a comprehensive monetization platform that includes dynamic ad insertion, audio ad campaign trafficking, and an audio-centric SSP to enable programmatic buying. Our platform enables precise one-to-one targeting, while preserving a relevant, positive listening experience for your users. Some of the largest global publishers rely on us to provide a targeted, relevant, volume normalized, experience for them. So they are positioned for future growth.


“We provide advertisers with the latest technology and choices to not only measure audience, but be at the leading edge of emerging technology. AdsWizz has been a leader and provider of reliable advertiser solutions for years, and is constantly developing new ways to maintain their leadership position. We’re a perfect fit.”

Norman Patitz, Founder and

Executive Chairman, PodcastOne

See how PodcastOne uses AdsWizz suite of digital audio advertising solutions to efficiently monetize their podcast inventory – on both streaming and downloaded podcasts.

Our end-to-end suite of software solutions 
enable publishers to optimize revenue with a positive, personalized listening experience for their users, and a targeted programmatic offering for advertisers across all formats.


Dynamic Ad Insertion. Any Audio Content.

Our extensible ad insertion software solution enables digital audio publishers to generate revenue from their content by managing the precise ad insertion into any digital audio content. It enables server-side ad insertion on major streaming servers as well as client-side ad insertion on standard player technologies.

Our Ad Insertion Solution works seamlessly with other AdsWizz products including our ad server AudioServe, our marketplace AdWave, supply side platform AudioMax and buy side platform AudioMatic, offering the most comprehensive end-to-end advertising solution for digital audio publishers on the planet.


Audio-centric Ad Serving. On Just About Anything.
AdsWizz AudioServe enables publishers to manage targeted and trackable audio advertising campaigns — as well as video and display — on any device or application. Our ad server can generate revenue from all of your audio content, as well as other audio interstitial inventory, regardless of audio type. AudioServe works with Live, Linear, Podcast, or On-demand, as well as any distribution platform, including mobile, connected devices, and aggregation services.


Maximize Revenue Through Optimization.

AudioMax, our Sell Side Platform, enables publishers to easily connect and manage their chosen demand sources such as DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks and Internal Sales and maximize revenues by demand yield optimization.


Scale Your Sales.

Gain access to the largest global pool of programmatic demand, and increase your global or out of market revenue with ZERO additional sales investment using our global marketplace AdWave. Gain access to demand from the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South-East Asia, Japan, Australia & New Zealand.


The Most Advanced Solutions for Podcast Monetization in the Market.

Through our deep experience with ad delivery in the podcast world, we have evolved our solutions to deliver podcasts directly from our ad insertion server or through a CDN, taking advantage of the caching and geolocation capabilities of CDNs; Our solutions are more advanced than our competition.