Measure and interpret the impact of your audio ads.

AdsWizz attribution tools are designed to close the loop on audio measurement.


AudioPixel is a digital tracking pixel that enables you to measure the success of your ad campaigns by matching the users who heard the ads to the users who subsequently performed a certain action - like visiting a website, making a purchase, or downloading an app.

Audio Pixel was designed specifically for “audio first” campaigns and can help you make data-driven decisions on your audience targeting, delivery frequency, creatives, and more. Audio Pixel is the only audio attribution solution that manages the ad delivery and attribution reporting in the same platform so you can quickly gauge campaign performance and optimize on the fly.

We understand the importance of specialized measurement and attribution, such as tracking foot traffic and brand uplift.

That’s why we teamed up with leading and trusted third-party measurement providers. Through our partnerships, we can help you understand the impact an audio ad has in driving customer engagement by using the most effective attribution tools in the industry.


ShakeMe™ is a motion-activated and interactive audio ad format that invites listeners to shake their phones or smartwatches to complete a desired action, such as downloading a coupon, placing a call, or opening a web link.

Because we so often listen to audio while exercising, working, commuting, or cooking, we can’t always stop and pick up our phones to visit a brand’s website. With ShakeMe™, listeners can interact directly with the ad without unlocking their phone or even looking at their screens – providing immediate measurement of a conversion.

Second Screen Retargeting

Combine sight and sound to double the ad impact, brand recall, and reach.

With Second Screen, you can manage “audio first, display second” campaigns within the same platform to create a stronger connection with your audience.

The AdsWizz Second Screen feature enables you to seamlessly retarget listeners of an audio campaign on other websites and apps. By using the power of audio to support the display environment, Second Screen creatives increase brand awareness and the likelihood that listeners will respond to the call to action. You can use two delivery methods – same device delivery (device ID) or same household delivery (IP address).


AudioServe users can use location-based ad technology to improve measurement and attribution for their campaigns.

Location measurements can also be used to improve targeting based on predefined or custom POI segments to grant ads a more precise reach. For instance, a restaurant could advertise their new menu options to all listeners within 5 miles.

Technology for a sound world.

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