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At AdsWizz, innovation is more than just a passion – it is built into our DNA.

Our Research and Innovation team is hard at work in our Innovation Labs to develop cutting-edge technologies that make an impact in the industry, create exciting listening experiences and drive real results. Through direct collaboration with our existing partners, our Labs serve as a testbed for our newest features and give our partners an opportunity to be ahead of the curve with tools that are not yet widely available (and only available with AdsWizz). With direct input and results from key stakeholders, the testing phase enables us to develop and refine our technology before hitting the market. Our approach to Research and Innovation is what sets us apart from the rest.
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ShakeMe is a motion activated and interactive ad format that creates an entirely new and engaging advertising experience, inviting listeners to shake their phones to perform an action prompted by the audio ad they are hearing.

This unique technology produces immediate interaction that can be measured in real-time, along with higher conversion rates. Listeners can simply shake their phones to be redirected to a website, to download an app, place a call, download a coupon, book an appointment and much more. Combined with endless targeting options, ShakeMe is a powerful tool that can reach listeners where they are and when they are immersed in listening.


Automated Host-Read Ads

With a streamlined workflow, the buying and selling of host-read ads has never been easier.

With only one script, you can reach thousands of shows and potentially millions of listeners, in the medium where they are more likely to convert. Automated host-read ads provide a real opportunity for advertisers who strive to reach audiences at scale without hurting the authenticity and reliability that stand at the very heart of podcasts. Host-Read Ads enable you to programmatically buy ads read by podcast hosts and reach your targeted audience in a simple and scalable way, all while preserving listening experience and the fundamental values of podcasts.

Key Benefits: Advanced Targeting to Reach Highly Engaged Audiences, Simple and Efficient Buying Power with a Single Campaign Brief, Higher Conversion Rates, Real-time insights and Reporting, Easy Ad Swapping.


Dynamic Creative Optimization

Personalized creatives delivered in real-time, at scale.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) lets you dynamically build creatives based on thousands of targeting macros – such as behavioral segments, location, weather, device type, live events, and more – to deliver a multitude of ad variations to millions of different listeners at once. Enhance and streamline your multi-market campaigns or simply tap into multiple audiences with one campaign.


AdsWizz AI Transcription Technology

This feature converts audio to text using best-in-breed content analysis to provide insight into podcast content, making it more transparent and actionable for advertisers.

AdsWizz AI Transcription Technology enables advertisers to target by keywords, interests, topics, and concepts, enabling more granular and contextual targeting, based on a better understanding of podcast content that was not previously known. To ensure brand safety, page-level analysis combined with transcription capabilities enable keyword targeting and avoidance, ensuring perfect content matching. This is available for Publishers and Podcasters using the AdsWizz Campaign Manager, and for Advertisers using the AdsWizz Audio DSP.

Key Benefits: Enhanced Brand Safety, Insights into Podcast Content, Granular Targeting and Ensuring a Relevant and High Quality Listening Experience.


Voice Ads

Voice Ads are transforming the way brands interact with people.

Carefully crafted to immerse qualified leads in a conversational experience, this format lifts the engagement and attention factors for your ads. Voice Interaction is continuing to gain traction and we’re excited to bring this element into the audio space. With this feature, you are able to create a digital dialogue, a truly personal relationship with the listeners, by allowing them to choose what happens next, be it an audio message with more info, or a redirect to the Offers landing page.

Key Benefits include increased eCPM, Positive and Personalized Listening Experience, Real-time Reporting and Forecasting, Improved Engagement.


AI Music Integration

Our AI Music Integration enables advertisers to deliver AI-generated audio ads that more closely align with the listener’s music genre.

AudioMatic uses AI Music's artificial intelligence engine to dynamically adjust the background track of the audio ad to each station’s music genre in real-time. By seamlessly integrating ads into the music stream and the listener’s context, brands and agencies can deliver a more personalized ad experience and increase engagement.

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