Get the most out of your audio inventory.

AudioServe Campaign Manager

Purpose-built campaign management tool for audio publishers, podcasters, and ad networks.


AudioServe Campaign Manager enables any type of audio publisher to manage their entire audio inventory on a single platform.

  • Create, monitor, optimize, and manage campaigns in real-time.
  • Identify future opportunities through intelligent inventory forecasting.
  • Traffic campaigns to any target audience, device or application.
  • Leverage innovative ad formats to captivate your audiences.

Targeting Capabilities

Reach a relevant and diverse audience with advanced targeting parameters – demo, geo, point of interest, weather, device type, contextual audiences, and more. Layer first-party or third-party data for deeper audience insights and broader reach.

And add into the mix strategic audio placement, frequency capping, and ad sequencing to supercharge your campaigns and optimize revenue.

Inventory Forecasting

Manage future buys using advanced forecasting algorithms that shine light on audio-specific metrics to get you covered for every scenario.

Future-proofed Audiences

Gear up for the new era of privacy with contextual targeting capabilities that connect you to highly relevant audiences while also preserving their privacy.

Innovative Features

Captivate your audiences with engaging ad formats, including Dynamic Creatives, motion-activated ads like ShakeMe™, Second Screen Retargeting, and more.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Automate the direct sales of your audio and podcast inventory through the programmatic ecosystem to reduce costs and monetize inventory more efficiently.

Advanced Reporting

Measure your campaign results by hundreds of dimensions and metrics, and get real-time billing and revenue insights.

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