Podcast ready ad insertion.
Better revenue optimization.
Advanced targeting, forecasting, and reporting.
And scale to preserve your investment.

Only with AdsWizz.

Flexible and more advanced,
AdsWizz is the best solution to generate revenue from your podcasts.


Our comprehensive suite of products are powering the advertising solution for the largest podcast publishers and aggregators all over the world. We also work closely with industry leading podcast platform and solution providers to enable publishers everywhere to preserve their investment and scale faster.

“AdsWizz is a great partner. With their advanced ad serving suite, we can offer a more robust solution for our advertisers, as well as our podcasters, while providing a targeted, more relevant listening experience for our users.”

Ross Adams, CEO, Acast


AdsWizz works with leading Podcast Publishing Platforms.  Through our partnerships with major CMSs and CDNs, podcasters now have access to AdsWizz’s best in class audio ad insertion and monetization platform.




number of Americans who listen to podcasts on a monthly basis


podcast advertising growth in 2017, after 74% jump in 2016


projected podcast advertising revenue in 2020

We enable a complete monetization solution for podcast publishers and aggregators.

Leading Podcast Publishers

Industry Leaders Use Our Platform

The largest podcast publishers and aggregators are using AdsWizz suite of monetization tools to optimize revenue. Our platform includes solutions for dynamic ad insertion, ad serving, campaign management, trafficking and reporting, and programmatic buying. AdsWizz Ad Insertion Suite and SDK (AIS), ad serving platform (AudioServe), and audio-centric SSP (AudioMax) offer a complete solution so that you as a podcaster can scale your business.

Ad Insertion, Podcast Ready.

Our ad insertion capabilities enable you to generate revenue from your podcasts while preserving the best experience for your listeners.

  • High quality and real-time ad insertion and ad replacement.
  • Works with live streams and downloads.
  • Transcodes and normalizes ads to match audio quality.
  • Frequency capping — per session, and per listener.
  • Supports dynamic pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.
  • Reports online and offline listens.
  • The most efficient delivery and storage solution.
  • Full support for host-read ads and sponsorships.

Deeper Insights with Flexible Reporting.

Generate deep insights with robust reporting and visualization tools.  Fully maximize the revenue from your investment.

  • Gain insights with trends, data visualization, campaign performance, and traffic analysis
  • Build custom reports on the fly and track performance metrics against many different dimensions — advertisers, campaigns, device types, and more.
  • Track revenue, impressions, inventory, clicks, eCPM, Unique Users, and LTR
  • Report partial downloads
  • Automate reports and delivery

Precise Targeting, Designed for Podcast.

Now you have the ability to do one-to-one targeting, ensuring that only the most relevant ads are heard by your listeners.

  • Target by zip code, market, country/ region, metro device type and OS, language, and much more.
  • Point of Interest targeting — coffee shops, stadiums, gas stations, and more
  • Target specific podcasts
  • 100% addressability – target by age, hundreds of behavioral segments

Optimize Your Revenue.

Our platform gives you the ability to optimize your revenue while maintaining control.

  • Optimize yield from your podcast inventory
  • Control floor prices and approve audio creative
  • Monetize your back catalogue
  • Open up unsold inventory to 3rd party buyers
  • No more stale ads!

User Friendly Features.

We’ve made it easy to see into the future so you can plan ahead, with easy to use tools and robust forecasting.

  • Forecast accurately against dozens of targeting criteria, including geography, podcast, device types, OS, day parts, frequency caps, demographic and behavioral segments, ad position, ad length, and more.
  • Ensure you don’t double book campaigns.
  • User friendly tools including Creative Studio, that allow you to upload and assign multiple creatives to campaigns on the fly.
Podcast Platform Partnership Program

Easily Integrate with your CDN and CMS.

We’ve teamed up with industry leading podcast publishing platforms. We eliminate the integration work for the podcaster, which means you can focus on making great content.

Reach More Buyers Through the Largest and Fastest Growing Global Audio Ad Marketplace

  • Open up your unsold inventory to major Ad Networks, Agencies, DSPs, and Programmatic Buyers.
  • Monetize your unsold inventory and increase your fill rate.
  • Reach large budget buyers.
  • Control ad quality and brand safety.