Extend your reach and meet the right listeners at the right time with today’s leading publishers.

Speak to your audience no matter where, when or how they are listening.

From brand awareness to performance marketing – build targeted campaigns across podcast and digital radio.

The largest global agencies, trading desks, and exchanges have been leveraging our technology for years to create powerful and innovative advertising campaigns.


AdsWizz advertiser solutions are:

  • Built for audio, optimized for podcasts
  • Future-proofed for wide audience reach
  • Front-runners in media planning (forecasting)
  • Equipped with interactive and motion-activated ad formats
  • Connected to 90% of the global programmatic audio content
  • Closing the attribution loop with effective measurement

Our advertiser solutions.


A digital ad-buying platform that connects you to leading audio publishers and delivers ads programmatically, at scale, and maximizes the impact of your advertising campaigns.

Measurement & Attribution

A unified dashboard to measure success and validate campaign effectiveness from click to purchase.

AdsWizz Marketplace

The largest global digital audio and podcast ad marketplace to help you reach today’s listeners wherever they are.

Innovative Ad Formats

Unique, dynamic formats that increase engagement, extend reach, garner more interaction, and maximize campaign impact.


A self-serve audio advertising platform that enables small businesses and agencies to harness the power of audio and directly buy audio inventory from publishers.

Digital Audio Advertising Certification

AdsWizz's certification program for digital audio advertising experts.

Technology for a sound world.

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