Plan, buy, measure and optimize your audio campaigns on a single platform.

AudioMatic DSP

Our audio-centric platform gives agencies, trading desks, and ad networks access to premium podcasts and streaming radio from all major audio and podcast publishers.

Leading the way for podcast advertising

Podcasts, audio’s digital darling, have been acknowledged as the fastest growing form of media for the past few years. This isn’t surprising given the natural gravitation towards podcasts as a trusted voice for timely news, entertainment, and even an escape. We have always believed in the power of podcasts. So much so that we began making investments in our podcast tech early on and delivered the first dynamically inserted podcast ad in 2012. Since then, AudioMatic has supercharged thousands of podcast campaigns for the world’s top agencies.

Extend your reach to highly targeted listeners

AudioMatic enables direct sales, private marketplace (PMP), programmatic guaranteed, and open auction buys. With AudioMatic, brands can extend their reach to highly targeted users in new ways with engaging and immersive ad experiences that drive brand trust and conversion in an audio-first world.

Your message has never sounded better.

Advanced Targeting

Powerful targeting, future-proofed for the new privacy era, enables you to reach the right listeners by context, device type, geo, demo, behavioral segments, and more.

Powerful Ad Formats

Our unique ad formats create captivating ad experiences that engage your listeners in new ways and boost brand engagement and conversions.

Media Planning

Gain insights into your potential opportunities, total inventory volume, trends, and more, and plan future buys for maximum campaign delivery.

Measurement & Attribution

Measure the impact of your ads and leverage actionable attribution insights to optimize your audio advertising efforts.

Brand Safety

Ensure brand safety by avoiding inappropriate content and specific topics. Prevent ad clashing and overexposure.

Flexible Buying Models

All major programmatic transaction models supported - Private Marketplace (PMP), programmatic guaranteed and open auction.

Technology for a Sound World.

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