Connect to 80% of global demand. Generate more revenue.

AudioMax SSP

Manage all programmatic demand within one platform.

Grow your portfolio in a way that increases fill rates and doubles revenue, for every audio opportunity.

With a powerful yield engine that works across all channels, it is easier than ever to manage programmatic demand from DSPs, agency trading desks, ad exchanges, ad networks, and direct sales – all on the same platform. Whether you’re a podcaster, a streaming publisher, or a reseller, this purpose-built, unified solution gives you all the tools you need to monetize inventory with full control over your deals.

Get the most out of your SSP with powerful features that are unique to the audio and podcast world.

Key features include brand control, which allows you to exclude certain advertiser categories and domains; frequency capping, which ensures your audience is not exposed multiple times to ads from the same advertiser; and a data insights dashboard, which enables you to get real-time insights and monitor your income from multiple sources in a single, unified view.

AdsWizz’s Supply Side Platform

Confidently scale and maximize your audio revenue.

Advanced Brand Control

Control programmatic and non-programmatic ad quality, preview and approve multi-format creatives, prevent ad conflicts, and fully manage ad content, frequency and listening experience.

Actionable Data Insights

Analyze trends, access detailed information on deals, and gain extended visibility into monetization opportunities to deliver performance at scale.

Yield Optimization

Optimize direct and programmatic sales channels to gain full control of your yield strategy. No matter your type of audio content, AudioMax looks across your entire pipeline to optimize your yield holistically.

Efficient Deal Management

Cover all types of transactions types to grow your relationship with demand partners. Segment inventory using Supply Packs to improve and automate deal management.

Seamless Billing and Reporting

With seamless billing, detailed reporting, and revenue collection across various geographies and currencies, you can make better-informed decisions and improve your bottom line.

Controlled Data Sharing

Tailor your transparency level and decide which data to share with your buyers. Get full packaging flexibility and apply different prices for each sales channel or deal.
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