The Situation

Cox Communications, the largest private broadband provider in the United States, was looking to drive brand awareness and influence consumer purchasing decisions with a focus on their Home Internet offering. Cox Communications was looking to fortify their existing advertising strategy with digital audio advertising to reach residential internet customers in certain zip codes.

For this campaign, Cox Communications partnered with Dentsu, one of the largest global marketing and advertising agency networks. Dentsu creates world-class solutions and services that unlock new opportunities for growth and business transformation across the entire customer journey.

The Solution

This campaign targeted residential internet customers with audio ads. Listeners were also targeted using Adswizz’s Second Screen Retargeting, which retargets the audio listener with display ads on other websites and apps. Companion Banner display ads were also used.

For Cox Communications, AdsWizz’s ShakeMe was the right choice to target users in certain zip codes and to further drive direct response rates. ShakeMe is a motion-activated, interactive audio ad format that invites listeners to shake their phones or smartwatches to complete a desired action such as downloading a coupon, placing a call, or opening a web link. For this campaign, ShakeMe prompted listeners to shake their phones or smartwatches to open a web link explaining Cox Home Internet’s faster, more reliable download speeds compared to other 5G home internet competitors during peak hours of internet use. This web link also included information about the various internet plans and pricing based on location.

The Results

In Q3 of 2023, this campaign garnered 3M+ impressions, with 8.5k of them being unique user impressions. This campaign achieved a high click-through rate of 2.49% on the companion banner ads, compared to an industry average of 0.46% for display ads. The ShakeMe interaction rate in Q3 was 2.48%, a 300% increase from the previous quarter. From Q2 to Q3, ShakeMe interactions increased by 120.2%, driving more action to their website than ever before.

The inclusion of ShakeMe contributed to the success of this campaign, leading to significant increases in interaction and click-through rates over the course of a three-month period.

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