The Situation

Cultura is a leading retailer that sells art supplies, books, DVDs, musical instruments, show tickets and more, with 86 retail locations in France and a strong online presence. Cultura was seeking to promote classic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and drive people into their stores nationwide, and wanted an effective and creative media campaign to support this effort.

The Solution

Audion, an integrated solution for digital audio advertising, designed an emotionally engaging and personalized campaign promoting creative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. The audio campaign targeted Men and Women 25-49 years old, and included a call to action at the end of each ad to visit the closest Cultura store.

Audion used AdsWizz AudioMatic platform to run and manage the programmatic campaign, incorporating geo-location targeting, sociodemographic targeting, and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to deliver 86 different ad variations that promoted the closest Cultura retail store at the end of each ad, based on the listener’s location. 1.5 million audio ads were delivered from February 4 – 14, 2018 across AdsWizz AdWave, Spotify, and Deezer, along with companion display ads.

Audion also worked with Happydemics, a third party solution for measuring effectiveness of campaigns, to follow up with online surveys to measure brand recall, intent to visit, and actual visits into the stores, comparing those that heard the ads and a control group that did not.

The Results

Both the audio ads and companion ads had excellent engagement, with a 94% Listen Through Rate (LTR) across the campaign, and a 3.5% CTR with the companion ads. More importantly, the ad campaign was successful in driving people into the retail locations. Ad recall doubled in those that liked the ad (from 29% to 56%), demonstrating that a strong and emotionally engaging audio ad enhances recall. In addition, those that liked the creative were 3X more likely to “intend to visit” the retail location, and more than twice as likely to actually visit. Of those who indicated that they enjoyed the audio ads (26%), nearly 1 out of 3 (31%) intended to go into the store, and nearly 1 out of 6 (16%) had already actually visited the store by the time the survey was conducted (Feb 19 – Feb 26, 2018). The majority of the respondents who went into the store after hearing the ad were men.

“Using audio to create highly personalized, emotionally engaging advertising experiences is clearly effective in delivering measurable results for our clients. We are thrilled with AdsWizz, the in-depth and knowledgeable support, their AudioMatic DSP, and their entire technology platform. We are absolutely doing more of these types of campaigns moving forward as they clearly work to meet our clients’ goals in driving measurable results, including driving foot traffic into stores and audio DCO.”

Arthur Larrey
Co-founder, Audion

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