The Situation

Omnicom Media Group was working with HP to market their Pavillion Laptop in India, and chose to run an audio campaign during Diwali to promote the idea of gifting the affordable laptop, primarily used by students and millenials. The objective of the campaign was to drive visits to a page that displayed all the offers of the HP Pavillion Series. Diwali is a time of year when people give gifts to loved ones, and they were looking for a way to emotionally connect with a very specific target audience to promote the idea of the laptop as a gift. They knew audio as a medium could make that engaging connection, but also knew that buying audio spots on mainstream radio and streaming apps without having real control over the audience and placement of ads would likely not drive any real insight into the media buy.

The Solution

Omnicom and HP used AdsWizz audio-centric DSP, AudioMatic, as the central tool for programmatic audio spot purchases. AudioMatic offers multiple targeting parameters including demographic, location, device, user agent, format, genre, day parting, and 1st part or 3rd party audience segments. The audio ads ran on Saavn, a digital distributor of English, Bollywood, and regional Indian music in over 200 countries, with 13 million monthly active listeners.

With AudioMatic’s advanced targeting tools, Omnicom was able to focus on the genres of music that millenials listen to, and could also focus on 24-45 year olds, as they felt this age group would be willing to purchase a budget segment laptop. In addition, they targeted users who had previously interacted with direct buy campaigns with HP laptops, and targeted Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities with people having the capacity to purchase a laptop. Saavn created specific inventory buckets, and enabled a guaranteed buy deal on the supply side. The campaign was also further layered with first party audience data using SONAR, AdsWizz targeting solution. The audio creative included a conversation between a brother and sister, as that relationship is the most celebrated where gifting is more than a tradition. The campaign delivered 10 million audio impressions.

The Results

The campaign was structured to optimize unique listeners, and reached 5,485,533 unique listeners, exceeding their targets. Omnicom and HP attributed this to the precise targeting parameters they were able to achieve with AudioMatic. The campaign also included an accompanying display ad, which garnered an 8% overall CTR, far exceeding expectations. Omnicom attributed the high CTR to the precise targeting, and the fact that the audience was engaged in a very encapsulating audio+display experience. Furthermore, visit conversion to the purchase experience was a resounding 65%. Omnicom felt this was exceptionally high, especially since the campaign was served primarily on mobile devices. The audio ad experienced a 93% LTR, or ‘Listen Through Rate’, so that HP was pleased in their buy knowing that 93% of all those that heard the audio ad listened to it all the way through.

“The future of media buying is programmatic because it helps us focus our time, energy and resources on creativity and messaging for people who will find our products most useful. Audio ads literally allow us to speak with our target customers in a high engagement environment on Saavn. The reduction in time to set up campaigns and get real-time reports is an added benefit, especially in an increasingly media fragmented world.”

Amit Singla
Head of Digital Marketing at HP India

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