The Situation

A major US streaming publisher’s media sales team was looking for increased efficiencies in monitoring campaigns, and eliminating the manual priority revisions that the client services team was forced to perform due to limited insights on forecasting and delivery on shows with non-weekly drop schedules, irregular drops, and hiatuses.

The Solution

The media sales team applied AdsWizz’s Predictive Pacing to their proprietary podcast product. By looking at past data, Predictive Pacing can detect inventory variations and make accurate traffic predictions. The solution constantly matches the speed at which impressions are delivered to the available inventory to prevent over- or under-delivery. This ultimately helped the team to deliver impressions at the optimal pace to achieve campaign goals.

The Results

The most noticeable improvement the team experienced from Unpaced to Predictive was on very large shows in months where sell-through rate was lower. Predictive Pacing allowed campaigns to pace throughout the entire month. The team also experienced increased efficiency across the organization due to less time spent making manual adjustments and revisions. To quote a team member, “Predictive Pacing continues to perform very well for shows that consistently release episodes on the same day of the week with the same ad load each episode.”

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