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The Situation

Essendon Mazda, a Mazda automobile dealership in Melbourne, Australia, was looking to drive brand awareness and influence consumer purchasing decisions, with a focus on positioning their sales event across emerging channels and driving higher message recall in the lead up to the sales event.

Essendon Mazda was interested in fortifying their existing programmatic display campaign with the addition of digital audio advertising to reach consumers at several touchpoints throughout the day with higher frequency. Coupled with the display campaign, this aimed to close the loop on prospects with consistent messaging targeted to customers that intend to purchase automobiles.

Essendon Mazda partnered with Adtorque Edge, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in delivering cutting-edge advertising solutions to businesses across various industries. With a strong focus on technology, maximizing online visibility, and driving measurable results, Adtorque Edge leverages advanced technologies and industry expertise to help companies establish a dominant online presence and achieve their marketing objectives. In combination with their digital audio partners, AdsWizz and, Adtorque Edge is aiming to drive the uptake of new audio-specific technology across both the automotive and leisure/lifestyle industries as the upward trend of digital audio consumption continues.

The Solution

For this campaign, Essendon Mazda customers were targeted using AdsWizz’s Second Screen Retargeting, which enables you to combine audio ads with display ads to retarget audio campaign listeners on other websites and apps. Essendon Mazda customers heard the audio ads and were seamlessly retargeted with companion display ads.

This campaign also utilized AudioPixel, a digital tracking pixel that measures the success of audio ad campaigns by matching the users who heard the ads to users who subsequently performed a certain action, including visiting a website, making a purchase, or downloading an app.

The Results

Compared to the programmatic display-only campaign, the digital audio campaign achieved 3.7x the site interactions and 31x the interaction rate. The digital audio campaign achieved a 92.15% audio completion rate and 2.25% click-through rate. This campaign achieved a 3.19% site interaction rate compared to the display-only campaign’s 0.10%. With the addition of digital audio, visits to Essendon Mazda’s website increased by 293%.

The inclusion of AdsWizz’s Second Screen Retargeting feature and the utilization of AudioPixel contributed to the success of this campaign. The results demonstrated that the inclusion of digital audio advertising to programmatic display campaigns can contribute to an uplift in website traffic, brand awareness, and purchasing decisions.

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