The Situation

Mercatino, an Italian online second-hand market founded in 1995, was looking to raise brand awareness and drive website traffic through powerful storytelling using sequential audio and second screen display ads.

For this campaign, Mercatino partnered with Officinatech, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping startups and SMEs grow and develop their brand identity. Mercatino chose a multichannel approach for this campaign, combining audio and display ads to reach listeners at multiple touchpoints throughout the day.

The Solution

This campaign targeted three different audiences. First, all three audiences were served the same digital audio ad. Next, each audience received a different digital audio ad, followed by a second screen companion display ad.

Listeners were targeted using AdsWizz’s Second Screen Retargeting, which enables you to combine audio ads with display ads to retarget audio campaign listeners on other websites or apps.

The Results

This campaign achieved a 93% listen-through rate, and 48% of unique users were retargeted using Second Screen Retargeting. The highest interaction with the ads was with the 18-34 audience, demonstrating the importance of reaching this key demographic within the e-commerce space.

The inclusion of AdsWizz’s Second Screen Retargeting feature contributed to the success of this campaign, combining sight and sound to engage the audience and increase reach.

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