The Situation

Mustard, a UK-based motor insurance comparison website, acts as an intermediary between consumers and insurance companies. Launched in 2016, Mustard has helped over one million UK motorists find vehicle insurance or switch insurance providers using their quote comparison feature.

Mustard was looking to increase brand awareness, favorability, website traffic, and purchase intent. Since the insurance comparison market is over-saturated, this provided a challenge for Mustard to rival competitors and become a well-known brand. Mustard hadn’t previously run a targeted audio campaign, which provided an opportunity to deliver strong results while also proving the effectiveness of dynamically targeted ads.

Octave Audio, an audio advertising platform dedicated to building effective, addressable digital audio campaigns using first-party data, came to AdsWizz, a long-time partner, to test its Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) tool. DCO is an in-house dynamic ads solution which enables brands to connect at an individual level, at the right time and place. By leveraging extensive data points such as behavioral segments, local weather, and device type, DCO enables brands to dynamically generate and deliver a multitude of customized creatives to listeners at scale.

Octave Audio helped Mustard test DCO for its regional campaign with an objective of understanding if dynamically targeted ads resonated with Mustard’s target audience better than generic ads.

The Solution

For this campaign, Mustard users were targeted in key locations within the UK (Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol, and Norwich) with different messaging about the average price customers paid for motor insurance based on age and location. Each piece of audio had dynamically generated location and age characteristics.

Octave Audio worked with Veritonic, a leading audio research and analytics platform, to find the uplift in awareness, favorability, and intent. Each respondent heard four Mustard ads, including one generic and three location- and age-targeted ads. Users were then asked about the ads’ impact, which were then segmented to look at the targeted versus non-targeted ad respondents.

The Results

The results from the Veritonic brand uplift study displayed that across all cases there was higher awareness (+14ppt), relevance (+14ppt), and intent (+5ppt) for the targeted respondents versus the non-targeted respondents. There was also a +47ppt lift in favorability towards Mustard and a +33ppt uplift in purchase intent for all listeners. The results demonstrated that dynamically targeted creative can be much more effective when wanting to connect with specific audiences. The success of this DCO campaign led Mustard to run further campaigns with Octave Audio.

The partnership between AdsWizz, Octave Audio, and Mustard has received industry recognition as a finalist in the 2022 Digiday Marketing and Advertising Awards in the Best Use of Audio category.

“With the help of AdsWizz’s DCO technology, we were able to increase engagement and drive effectiveness by dynamically delivering our message with personalized and contextual creative. This real-time personalization is something new in the market, and to be the first brand to utilize this in the UK with AdsWizz is a great honor. We always want to ensure relevancy and pertinence is at the heart of every interaction we have with our customers, so with the use of the DCO, we were able to cut through the noise and integrate our message into the listener’s surroundings for a more tailored, relevant ad experience.”

Jazmine Brace
Marketing Manager, Mustard


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