The inaugural AdsWizz Podcast Trends Report is here.

Throughout 2020, digital audio and podcasts reached new heights. Industry consensus and our own data illustrated a record-breaking year for listening and advertising.

Our unique position in the podcast and audio industry allows us to deliver rich insights into trends on podcast listening, creation and advertising.

Within this report you will find:

  • Listening habits – time of day and monthly trends, as well as device usage,
  • Creation trends before and after COVID-19,
  • Advertising trends, including top-performing genres and programmatic buying and selling,
  • Targeted surveys that give voice to key industry players – independent creators, advertisers, and audio publishers,
  • And in-depth predictions for 2021 podcast adtech.


AdsWizz was created out of a passionate belief in how technology can amplify the power of audio. Our unified adtech and CMS provide solutions for the complexities of podcasting, from creation to monetization.

Today, the AdsWizz Podcast Solution powers some of the world’s largest podcast publishers, including Pandora, Stitcher, iHeart, NPR, The Washington Post, NBCUniversal News Group, and The New York Times.

Technology for a sound world.

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