The Situation

Das Örtliche is Germany’s leading phone book and address finder service for companies, government organizations and private clients. They were seeking new and innovative ways to drive awareness and downloads of its app from Google Play and the App store. The Das Örtliche app helps users easily find phone numbers, addresses and other contact details. Spotcom, Germany’s leading national audio advertising sales company, manages Das Örtliche’s audio campaigns. Spotcom uses AdsWizz technology for delivery, tracking, and measurement of audio ads.

The Solution

Working with Spotcom, Das Örtliche ran the first ever interactive audio ad campaign in Germany, using the new AdsWizz interactive audio ad format, ShakeMe™. During the ad, mobile listeners using IOS or Android smartphones were invited to shake their phones in order to open and download the Das Örtliche app from Google Play or the App store. Listeners did not have to click on the ad to interact with it, but merely shook or tapped their phone during or just after hearing the ad. The interactive audio ad format from AdsWizz is carefully designed to accelerate conversion by immediately enabling listeners to make a purchase, donate, vote, or register for an event. 500,000 audio impressions were delivered during the 3 week campaign.

The Results

By utilizing AdsWizz new interactive audio format, Das Örtliche exceeded their goals. The 500,000 audio ad impressions across iOS and Android phones resulted in 5,560 shakes, or a 1.12% response rate, nearly 3X the response rate of a typical mobile display ad.

In addition to directing listeners to download an app, the ShakeMe™ format can quickly help listeners go to a website, place a call, get directions, or download a coupon to their wallet app.

Das Örtliche understood that, in today’s highly mobile and connected consumer environment, audio is often on when screens are off, and many advertisers are investing in digital audio to reach a large and fast growing audience to enhance their effective reach with mobile consumers. The ShakeMe™ ad format from AdsWizz allowed listeners to interact directly with the ads without having to unlock their phones or even look at their screens. The intuitive experience helped drive strong conversion for the brand.

“Shake Me™ creates a more natural, more intuitive interaction with the user than simply clicking on a banner. This is reflected in the success of the campaign.”

Sven Ruehlicke
Managing Director of SpotCom

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