Find out how major brands have used our audio attribution pixel and dashboard to accurately measure their audio ads and optimize their campaigns in real time.

Rethinking Audio Advertising Attribution.

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Audio has weaved its way into our daily lives. Streaming radio and podcasts are there while we get ready in the morning, while we commute, during exercise, and when we cook. Because of the way we listen, we’re not always in the best position to “click to learn more” or visit a brand’s website to make a purchase. In addition, conversions often take place at a later time and on a different device than where the ad was originally heard. This is unfortunate because often the audio ad created the initial awareness for us.

Last year, we launched the beta version of our audio attribution tracking pixel with the goal of providing advertisers the ability to track, view and enhance campaign performance based on real-time results. This solution helps advertisers accurately attribute conversions to their audio campaigns where they may not have received credit before. Since the beta launch, over 1,300 campaigns have used this powerful feature, and the results are in.

The 2021 AdsWizz Attribution Technology Report is based on a study of campaigns that have used our attribution technology across streaming radio and podcasts. It features average audio campaign conversion rates (spoiler alert – they are on par with display), and how simple it was for advertisers to attribute purchases to their audio campaigns. The study also highlights strong return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per action (CPA). Read on to learn exactly how these incredible results were achieved.

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