The Situation

A destination marketing service wanted to increase traffic to their website and ultimately increase the number of visiting tourists to the Southwest region of the United States.

The destination marketing service worked with Winstar Interactive Media, a digital marketing agency, to help them develop audio ads and track conversions on their website. Winstar tapped into AdsWizz audio-centric buying platform, AudioMatic, and its newly developed Audio Pixel technology. Audio Pixel is the first end-to-end attribution solution for audio advertising that lets advertisers and publishers truly measure the success of their ad campaigns.

The Solution

To achieve the marketing service’s goals, Winstar used several of AdsWizz’s powerful tools, including dynamic ad insertion, second-screen retargeting, and Audio Pixel. Winstar decided the best approach was to run a brand awareness campaign with a mix of digital audio and podcasts targeting a Chicago-based audience currently or recently looking for travel destinations.

Targeting strategies

  • Geotargeted cold climate DMAs with direct flights to the Southwest regions
  • Selected DMA with significant audio reach and frequency
  • Used behavioral segments: HHI $250K+; Interested in luxury travel
  • Selected a mix of RON, premium and podcast audio inventory
  • Re-targeted exposed users with a second screen banner ad

Creative Versioning
The campaign consisted of three different creatives, all utilizing weather segments that were triggered by specific temperatures. So, if it snowed, a listener would be delivered a personalized ad referencing the current snow condition. The creative that ran during a blizzard mentioned that “while the rest of the city deals with Snowmageddon, you’ll bask in 72-degree weather.

Attribution Technology
AdsWizz’s AudioPixel was placed within the audio ad, companion ad, and across the marketing service’s website. The granularity of tracking showed what specifically interested the listener by which web pages they visited. A majority of the website’s visitors flocked to the events, activities, dining and golf pages.

The Results

By incorporating the Audio Pixel into the campaign, Winstar was able to show a 215% increase in CTR for podcast ads, and a 253% increase in CTR for digital audio ads.

Audio content is predominantly consumed in a mobile environment, and because of that it’s hard to define true click-throughs, instead of someone accidentally hitting the ad. With Audio Pixel, Winstar was able to efficiently track the effectiveness of audio ads and shed light on non-click conversions that would have otherwise been attributed elsewhere.

Technology for a sound world.

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