Turn the dial down and listen up.

The digital audio market has rapidly evolved over the last few years, with consumption and content creation seeking to ripen and mature. Additionally, the technology and tools powering this ecosystem have transcended its ability to empower publishers, advertisers, and listeners. Our industry will need to adjust regularly following the shifts with each new generation accelerating the evolution of modern audio engagement.


With this in mind, we’ve launched The State of Audio Technology Report 2023.


This report will give you insights into the most relevant trends, themes, and opportunities in the audio adtech industry, whether engaging audiences, monetizing content, or evolving your tech capabilities.

Insights Include

A Quickly Changing Industry

The ongoing expansion of audio, the increased technological maturation, and how mission- critical it is for publishing and advertising leaders to be agile and highly reactive to industry changes.

Growing Tools

The need and appetite for advanced tools with simplicity, scalability, and efficiency as ad dollars become increasingly coveted.

Optimized Targeting

How targeting criteria can better monetize inventory, provide a personalized listening experience, and customize to fit campaigns and business objectives.

Enhancement Measurement Solutions

Transparency issues for advertisers and the significant shifts to evaluate, measure, and budget across media channels.

Audio & Privacy Laws

The value of audio in navigating the shifting data & privacy landscape as audience data becomes more challenging to access/use.

See What's on the Horizon

Audio advertising opportunities to stay ahead of, particularly in CTV and gaming.

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