AdsWizz Brings the Noise to Podcast Show 2023

At Podcast Show 2023, Simplecast and AdsWizz organized an in-person event aimed at podcasters of all sizes, providing valuable insights and inspiration to enhance their podcast technology strategies. The event offered podcasters an immersive experience, blending thought leadership, live interviews, interactive Q&A sessions, and access to valuable content. It aimed to inform, entertain, and inspire podcasters to optimize their podcast technology strategies and explore new avenues for success.

AdsWizz featured two thought leadership panels on the main stages. 

The Many Flavors Of Podcast Monetization: An In-depth Look At The Variety Of Ways, Including Innovative Ad Formats
  • Moderator: Lou Nylander, Founder & Director – Wildflowers of London Marketing
  • Brieuc Verwilghen, VP, Head of Partnerships & Strategy, EMEA & APAC, AdsWizz
  • Justine Benjamin, Head of Global Marketing, AdsWizz

This session delved into the diverse approaches to monetizing podcasts, exploring innovative advertising formats and strategies. The speakers provided valuable insights into effective monetization techniques, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the landscape.

  • AdsWizz has been in the audio advertising industry since 2008 and focuses solely on audio. They have played a significant role in shaping the industry. AdsWizz was the first to introduce Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) for podcasts in 2012, giving them extensive experience and a robust solution in the market.
  • DAI refers to the technology that delivers pre-recorded ads through an ad server, allowing flexibility, better targeting, monetization of back catalogs, and improved ad measurement.
  • According to the IAB US, 84% of host-read ads are served via DAI. The AdsWizz platform shows percentages ranging from 70% to 90%+ globally.
  • The natural progression for publishers and podcasters with their monetization involves transitioning from targeting only big shows to tapping into the untapped audience, utilizing brand safety and targeting tools, and embracing automation in the ad-buying process.
  • Exciting developments in podcast adtech include the shift to contextual targeting, advancements in measurement despite limited user data, and innovative formats for measuring campaign performance.
What Brands and Agencies Need to Know to Harness the Audio Revolution
  • Moderator: Damian Scragg, GM of International, Veritonic
  • Nadia Holmes, Head of Business Development, Octave Audio
  • Lindsay Lynch, Business Development Director, International, AdsWizz

The rapid growth of global podcast ad spending has significant implications for brands and agencies. Veritonic’s Damian Scragg hosted industry experts to discuss measuring audio and podcast creative. The conversation focused on accurate measurement’s impact on the expansion and future of audio advertising. Our very own Lindsay Lynch delivered a comprehensive presentation that covered essential information for brands and agencies to leverage the power of audio.

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) involves creating multiple versions of ads that adapt based on a listener’s context, such as their location, weather, or age. This strategy effectively enhances brand metrics across various parameters.
  • Regarding DCO, AdsWizz executed a campaign for Mustard, a UK car insurance comparison company. The campaign resulted in a 47% increase in favorability towards the Mustard brand when listeners were exposed to a personalized DCO ad.
  • Brands and agencies should not be concerned about the perceived “lack of measurement” in audio campaigns. We can collaborate with third-party partners to conduct brand lift studies, and we also possess the capability to measure engagement through formats like ShakeMe, Voice Activated Ads, or by utilizing an audio pixel.
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