Product Deepdive with Sounds Profitable – AdsWizz Audio DSP (AudioMatic)

A Walkthrough of All the Bells and Whistles of the AdsWizz Audio DSP (AudioMatic) An entertaining conversation between two audio adtech nerds around the power of dynamic ad insertion and the sophisticated podcast buying capabilities available today. In this deep dive Erik Barraud, SVP of Product at AdsWizz, will walk Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable…

AdsWizz Raises the Bar for Podcast Ad Buying

From the steady increase of monthly podcast listeners to the 48% increase in ad revenue year-over-year –– podcasts are one of the biggest growth opportunities for publishers and advertisers. As long time supporters of this valuable and engaging platform, we continue to invest in our podcast tech. With that, we’re excited to announce a slew of enhanced features available on our publisher and advertiser platforms.

Leverage Digital Audio Advertising in the New Normal

Get on Their Frequency: How Brands Can Leverage Digital Audio Advertising in the New Normal

AdsWizz partners closely with agencies, advertisers and audio publishers, and from our unique vantage point, we’ve observed important trends and gleaned key insights around how listener behaviors are evolving during the pandemic. This blog identifies the trends and opportunities AdsWizz sees that can help brands form a more meaningful connection with audiences during this ‘new normal.’

the drum awards

AdsWizz and OMGP UK Win The Drum Europe 2020 Award for Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership

We’re thrilled to share that AdsWizz and OMGP UK have been honored with The Drum 2020 Digital Advertising Award for the Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership! This award rewards the best in the programmatic and ad-tech industry, and we were selected over Google, The Trade Desk, Accenture and other outstanding nominees. OMGP UK and AdsWizz have been working closely together for over 4 years, running hundreds of ground breaking campaigns.

Buying Podcast Advertising is a Smart Move

Why Buying Podcast Advertising is a Smart Move in Today’s World

Over the past few years, podcasts have exploded in accessibility and popularity, providing the public with an endless stream of listening options. And as we continue to hunker down in our homes, everyone is spending even more time consuming media, including podcasts. Listening to podcasts has increased during the pandemic — by as much as 30%, depending on the type of content. As the demand for podcasts has increased, so too has ad spend, which is expected to hit over $1 billion next year, according to research firm IAB.