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Podcast Movement 2023 Recap

AdsWizz and Simplecast teamed up again, this time in the Mile-High City for Podcast Movement 2023, at our home away from home with all the comforts – a private meeting space, recording studio, swag depot, and more. Our mission was to learn, grow, and collaborate on ways to embrace and evolve the podcast community through...

Audio Advertising: How Audience Buying Is Helping Brands Connect with Their Target Market

Check out this latest piece by Justin Ohanessian, Director of Self-Serve at AudioGO! In today's digital landscape, audio advertising has carved out its niche as a powerful and influential medium to connect with audiences. Through audio advertising, brands can access a remarkable tool known as audience buying, a game-changer that empowers marketers to precisely target...

We are revolutionizing audio monetization, advertising experiences, and content creation for the audio industry.

Publisher Solutions

We have created a comprehensive technology stack that includes dynamic ad insertion, campaign management, yield optimization and a programmatic selling platform. We enable publishers to optimize revenue and manage multiple demand sources, all while preserving a relevant, positive listening experience.

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Advertiser Solutions

Our comprehensive advertising solutions enable brands to reach virtually every major audio publisher with the most advanced and robust buying capability. The largest global agencies, trading desks, and exchanges have been leveraging our technology for years to create new and innovative advertising campaigns.

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Podcast Solutions

Our podcast solutions enable you to scale content, reach new audiences, maximize revenue and analyze listenership. The Simplecast CMS empowers full control over every aspect of publishing and distribution, and our podcast monetization platform provides advanced targeting, forecasting and reporting tools to help optimize your revenue and scale to preserve your investment.

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