AdsWizz’s Audio Streaming Platform Gets Label From The French Alliance for Press and Media Figures (ACPM)

After a 3-month intensive work period, AdsWizz has completed the ACPM audience certification for digital radio streams. ACPM is a third-party measurement company based in France. Through a direct, real-time connection with the ACPM, AdsWizz is now able to support all their publishing partners with certification of their streaming radio broadcasts. By doing so, this gives advertisers greater visibility to official and verified audience rankings and listening metrics for this desirable form of media.

To obtain the ACPM label, AdsWizz adapted the processing flows of AudioMetrix (AdsWizz’s audience measurement tool) to be compliant with the specific rules ACPM has set for the French market.

The French audio market is currently going through a period of rapid growth. Audio content consumption skyrocketed during the 2020 lockdown in France: 46% stated they listened to more and the same study reveals a 20% increase on digital audio listening through various channels, with 8 out of 10 French people against 6 out of 10 before the lockdown. The appetite for audio advertising is continuing to accelerate in France and across Europe. The expenditure on digital audio advertising went from €246 million in 2017 to €471 million in 2019. The value of spending on digital audio advertising is forecasted to reach 1.5 billion euros by 2023 in Europe. ACPM rankings provide trusted, third-party validation further proving the value of this audience for advertisers.

ACPM was founded in 2015 as a result of the merger between the OJD (French ABC, founder of IFABC) and SAS AudiPresse (press audience measurement). Their mission is to provide industry-standard measurements to certify the audiences of any media that seeks to attract advertisers, including digital radio, websites, applications, podcasts and more. Since the 2000’s, ACPM has expanded its mission and now controls a wider media universe: Certifications and labels, Print Circulation, Print Readership survey, Website and Apps statistics, Digital Radio streaming, DOOH exposure certification, Internet advertising regulation: Digital Ad Trust Label, Podcast measurement Certification.

By obtaining the label on live digital audio, AdsWizz can also share their knowledge with publishers on how to get their digital radio certified. The benefit of this is a guarantee of reliability, bearing in mind that having your audience measured and ranked by the ACPM is a gold standard in the French media market. Joining the ACPM shows the publishers’ desire for transparency, their level of requirement, and their interest in comparing themselves to others. Altice Media Ads & Connect is the first ACPM accredited partner to integrate the ACPM official ranking via the AdsWizz technology.

Are you a publisher interested in learning more on this topic or trying to get certified with ACPM via AdsWizz? Look no further and feel free to reach us out at

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