AudioGO Wins The Wires Grand Prix and Best New Buy Side Product for 2020!

AdsWizz & AudioGO Recognized for Making Audio Ad Buying Accessible to All

Each year, The Wires Global Awards recognizes leaders in adtech and martech across all aspects of media sales and media buying, celebrating the use of technology, expertise and innovation within the global advertising industry. Today, AudioGO, our self-serve audio advertising platform, was not only honored with the Best New Product or Service in the Buy Side category, but was also selected for the prestigious Grand Prix 2020 Award, which was selected across all submissions and across all award categories.


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We are thrilled to be recognized in this way by ExchangeWire, and even more excited about our work to support anyone interested in advertising in a rapidly growing and evolving medium like audio.


About AudioGo

In the past, effectively running audio ads with premium publishers required a costly budget or access to a production studio. Today, AudioGO gives audio ad buyers at all levels a self-serve audio ad buying solution that makes it easy for virtually anyone to run audio ads on Pandora, iHeart, TuneIn, and other premium services. With a minimum spend of only $250, advertisers can create audio campaigns in under 5 minutes and target by zip code, gender, age, interest groups, buying behaviors, music genres, and more. Advertisers also can also track progress on a personal dashboard with up-to-the-minute views of progress against spend, unique listeners, and impressions. All targeting and reporting is included in the flat fee/CPM, which delivers over 25,000 impressions for $500.


Additionally, AudioGO offers professional audio ad creation for only $10. Advertisers simply write a 70-word script, and select the background track, type of voice, and offer any other instructions, and an audio ad is created and returned to them within 24 hours. Smaller advertisers are increasingly finding that audio complements their social media and online campaigns, as AudioGO ads will drive 2-4X engagement with digital advertising. AudioGo has also just partnered with Canva to help advertisers design banner ads to accompany their audio spot.


In its first year, AudioGO has had thousands of accounts created, and thousands of campaigns successfully run across all 50 states in the U.S. and nearly a hundred different industry verticals, including event promotion, e-commerce, construction, financial services, education, healthcare, home services, and nonprofits.


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