Changing the Game with Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments

Picture this scenario: A surprise bonus episode throws a publisher into a flurry as they prepare to book new advertising campaigns for their podcast series. Concerned about their ad inventory misaligning with the future traffic data, they turn to AdsWizz’s Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments.

With a few clicks, the publisher seamlessly adjusts their total inventory, ensuring they account for the new traffic data, monetize all newly available inventory, and optimize their revenue. The tool’s streamlined workflow and three adjustment types become strategic allies, saving time and energy for the impending change in their monetization strategy. The pièce de résistance? Like a crystal ball, the preview function offers a detailed view of how the adjustments impact the daily forecasted inventory, leaving no room for misinterpretations. The publisher emerges triumphantly prepared and confident in the face of the occasional podcasting unpredictability.

In the dynamic realm of podcasting, it’s no surprise that anticipating future developments poses a constant challenge. Enter AdsWizz with its game-changing solution through its Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments feature for publishers utilizing AudioServe‘s Campaign Manager. This tool empowers publishers to navigate swiftly through the atypical yet anticipated turns of the industry. It instills confidence in campaign delivery, establishing a centralized hub for seamlessly managing forecast adjustments and transforming real-time traffic insights into precise and reliable predictions.

How Manual Adjustments Works

Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments allow publishers to modify base forecasts, adapting to atypical future events beyond the predictability of past traffic patterns. Whether it’s a bonus episode release, show cancellation, or an episode delay, publishers can account for these events in their Inventory Forecast and prevent campaign under-delivery or overselling.

Manual Adjustments offer a streamlined workflow, three adjustment types, and swift implementation as a comprehensive solution for handling forecasting changes and generating precise predictions. The inclusion of a preview function minimizes the risk of errors by providing a glimpse of the adjustment’s impact on inventory before application.

Notable Use Cases
  • Bonus Episode: Quickly adjust inventory to maximize revenue for special episodes.
  • Hiatus, or Skipped Episode: Modify inventory based on rescheduled release dates to prevent under-delivery and overbooking.
  • Holiday-specific changes in inventory: Redefine forecasts to account for a temporary change in traffic due to special occasions or holidays.
  • Winding Down a Show or Station: Prevent future bookings for non-existent inventory after a show concludes.
Key Capabilities

The system boasts vital capabilities designed to optimize campaign planning, provide highly accurate data for predictive pacing, and ultimately set the stage for an efficient campaign delivery. 

Additionally, a unified control center centralizes forecast adjustments for enhanced control, offering a comprehensive view of inventory changes. Users can choose from multiple adjustment types for precise forecast adaptations. The data visualization allows a preview of adjustments’ impact, comparing new numbers with the unadjusted forecast. 

With a user-friendly interface, the streamlined workflow facilitates easy adding, editing, or archiving forecast adjustments. The Bulk Corrections feature saves time and effort, enabling publishers to apply multiple daily corrections to a show or inventory segment, all with a single setup.

  • Adapt to Any Change: Stay agile and respond quickly to atypical future events to prevent campaign under-delivery and revenue losses.
  • Improve Monetization: Increase future inventory numbers to capitalize on expected spikes and unlock revenue.  
  • Optimize Delivery: Avoid overselling or under-delivering by adjusting forecasts to ensure campaigns always deliver in full.
Want to Learn More?
  • If you are an existing AdsWizz customer, check our knowledge base for more information about Inventory Forecast Manual Adjustments.
  • Take a look at this related post about the advantages of audio advertising forecasting for publishers.
  • Visit the Contact Us page if you are not an AdsWizz partner and want to get in touch with us.
by Nicoleta Vieru, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AdsWizz


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