Reach every major audio publisher on one buying platform.
Advanced, flexible buying, targeting, and reporting capabilities.
Using new, innovative audio ad formats.
And a collaborative team of experts to ensure your success.

Only with AdsWizz.

At AdsWizz, we focus on digital audio advertising.

We have for over 10 years. We know audio – it’s what we do. And we have created a comprehensive advertising solution that enables brands to reach virtually every major audio publisher with the most advanced and robust buying capability. The largest global agencies, trading desks, and exchanges have been leveraging our technology for years to create new and innovative advertising campaigns. Whether it’s using us as a one stop shop to programmatically purchase audio at scale, or leveraging our new audio ad formats to engage with users in those new moments, we enable advertisers and brands to unleash the power of audio.

“In our mission to be the leader in the programmatic audio arena, we needed a technology partner who understood this new medium and was heavily focused on innovation with key partners.  The expertise and support of AdsWizz is key for the growth of the OMGP audio proposition by providing market leading client solutions.”  

Simon Thomas, Head of Client Strategy, Omnicom Media Group Programmatic UK




number of hours average American spends each day listening to streaming media


percentage of Americans who use voice search on a daily basis


number of Americans who listen to podcasts on a monthly basis

The AdsWizz digital audio advertising platform empowers you to take your advertising to an entirely new level.

Radio buyers

can target premium digital audiences against traditional broadcast parameters, such as day parting, geo and format, measured against traditional radio KPI’s like GRPs and CPPS.

Digital buyers

can place true multi-format campaigns by integrating audio with video and display with 1st and 3rd party data targeting, measured against digital KPIs including uniques, capping, geo and demo, across media and devices.

Programmatic buyers

get access to an innovative format accessible via industry leading DSPs with 1st and 3rd party data audience targeted to an engaging and captive audio audience.

  • Access most extensive audio supply, with direct, programmatic and marketplace buys
  • Access all types of audio supply – SimulCast, OnDemand, or Podcast
  • Traffic campaigns to any device and any application
  • Audio creative hosting is fully integrated and tailored to all types of supply
  • Audio centric media planning and reporting enables forecasting that takes into account audio specific attributes, including ad duration, category clashing, and more.
  • Re-targeting capabilities with Second Screen and Companion Screen, with demonstrated 4X CTR from regular display without associated audio
  • Enhanced data addressability with SONAR™, AdsWizz unique data aggregation solution, that combines several 3rd party vendors along with inferred data to obtain 100% addressable demographic targeting.
  • Advanced targeting, by connecting with AdsWizz AudioServe, enables targeting parameters that include location, point of interest, device, weather, user, agent, format, genre, day parting, mood, and more.

See how Omnicom used AdsWizz digital audio advertising software to achieve an astounding 8% CTR and 65% visit rate in a campaign with Hewlett Packard.

The AdsWizz suite of solutions, when used together, allow you to create more personalized, impactful campaigns and reach target audience in new moments and in new, engaging ways.


Your One Stop Shop for Digital Audio Buys at Scale.

AudioMatic, our audio-centric Buying Platform, gives agencies, trading desks, and ad networks the ability to access premium audio inventory from all the major audio publishers in one place, with the most advanced audio tools, advanced targeting, and audio-centric measurement and tracking. Buyers programmatically implement, optimize, and measure guaranteed and non-guaranteed buys, and can access any type of supply, including Podcast, SimulCast, or OnDemand. Not only that, we enable private marketplace – PMP, programmatic reserved, and open auction buys. So now brands have the ability to extend their reach to highly targeted users in new moments with engaging, immersive ad experiences that drive brand trust and conversion in an audio first world.



The Largest and Fastest Growing Global Audio Ad Marketplace.

AdsWizz aggregates global premium publishers in one unique marketplace, and offers their audio inventory at scale, enabling advertisers to reach large audiences with refined targeting. AdWave aggregates audio supply from all over the world across desktop, mobile and digital appliances.


Audio-centric. Designed to drive conversion.

By integrating with publishers via our SDK, we provide new interactive formats that shorten the path to conversion.


Point of Interest (POI) Targeting makes sure that delivered ads are relevant to the listener, taking into consideration the listener’s location at the moment when then ad is being played.


ShakeMe™ enables listeners to interact directly with the ads without having to unlock their phones or even look at their screens. Listeners shake or tap their phone while listening to an ad, which triggers the ability to download an app, open a website, place a call or receive a coupon.


Second screen reinforces the audio message by retargeting the listener with a display ad at a later time, having a higher impact. Today the audio player can get pushed to the background when listening to the audio stream, which makes the companion display not visible. Second screen addresses this, with great results.