Diversity in Media and Advertising – An Inside Look

Check out this article by Rowan Hamill, Director of Business Development, UK.

'Diversity' is the buzzword of the 21st century workplace. Employees are demanding more from their companies - 71% of people acknowledge that they want to work for businesses that value diversity. Companies across the country are pouring money into their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) programmes.

Adland’s struggles with solving the diversity puzzle, however, persist. The latest All In Census reveals a lack of inclusivity of ethnic, neurodiverse and social backgrounds, which is now threatening to cause a mass exodus within the industry. The working class account for 19% of the advertising sector’s workforce - despite making up 39% of the UK’s population.

So what should diversity look like in today’s business landscape? The reality is that companies need to start looking further afield than the usual crop of university graduates. Low-paid entry roles and graduate schemes are crippling the recruitment process and excluding talented individuals that cannot live within these tight financial constraints.

What can Adland do to attract better and retain talented professionals who wouldn’t normally enter the industry - and what resources would they need to thrive in this space?

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