Emerging Tools and Tech that Measure Audio Ad Effectiveness

Explore new ways to measure the impact of digital audio advertising with AdsWizz.


Understanding what drives your consumer’s purchases across different advertising channels can be both an art and a science. We’re working hard to make sure it’s also well within your reach.


Today’s digital audio listeners interact with brands across many different devices and platforms, creating countless data points for you to analyze. With the right tools, these data points can be attributed to a specific audio ad, giving you important insight into your ad’s impact on customer engagement, purchases, or both. In short, using these tools will more clearly reveal your advertisement’s true ROI.


AdsWizz integrates with the top experts to provide flexible solutions for measuring effectiveness around audio and display ad spend, including AdsquareOnDeviceKochavaAppsFlyer, and Adjust. When combined with our new interactive ad formats like ShakeMe™, these tools will increase your ability to measure the impact of your advertising, and shorten the path to conversion.


From app downloads to footfall traffic, brand lift and engagement, our technology can provide a measurable solution that helps you guide your marketing spend and meet your goals. Below is a quick guide for measuring attribution within a variety of digital audio advertising scenarios.


AdsWizz works with industry leading partners to measure impact of your audio ads.


Measure Audio Ad Impact On App Downloads
To measure app downloads driven by audio advertising, both Kochava and AppsFlyer are integrated into the AudioMatic Audio DSP and Buying Platform. You simply target the Kochava or AppsFlyer site channel and device ID extraction through a pixel. (If you’re a current AdsWizz customer, log in and get the step-by-step set up guide here).


In addition, try using ShakeMe™ to drive downloads. With ShakeMe™, the listener is invited to shake their phone to download an app or engage in a particular action. This will not only drive increased engagement, but will also considerably shorten the amount of time between hearing the ad and opening the App Store. For example, BMW, the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, wanted to drive awareness and app downloads. Using ShakeMe™ and a call to action at the end of the ad that took the listener straight to the download page, BMW’s engagement rate was 5x higher than standard mobile display ads. Read the case study here.


Show Increased Engagement With Your App

With the help of AdsWizz technology and partners such as Kochava or AppsFlyer, along with creative that has a clearly articulated call-to-action, users will engage more with your app. Using gamification or in-app rewards also helps drive engagement, and AdsWizz technology will allow you to connect and measure any extra engagement and activity in the app with your campaign.


For example, Shell developed a campaign using ShakeMe™ technology, inviting listeners to shake their phone during the audio ad to download a coupon for 50% off. Listeners are often multitasking during audio ads, so providing simple options for engagement is important. Our measurement technology dove into the data, showing that Shell’s ad campaign achieved an engagement rate nearly 20x higher than the typical mobile display ad, resulting in 15,782 shakes, and a 3.95% interaction rate that is well above industry averages for engagement with mobile and audio ads.


Measure The Impact Your Audio Awareness Campaign Has On Listeners

When you use AdsWizz AudioMatic Buying Platform and DSP, and when your campaign is targeted to specific audio audiences, you’ll be able to see the impact of your ad for each audience category independently. This insight into effectiveness by audience segment will allow you to further refine and improve targeting in the future. You can also use OnDevice to boost awareness and provide a more interactive experience.


Attribute Increases In Footfall To Your Audio Ads
For advertisers with a physical location (i.e. a restaurant, shopping mall, gas station, bank, or sports arena), the ultimate goal is to bring listeners to the venue. You can use OnDevice and/or AdSquare and measure how the audio campaign is driving more visitors by tracking footfall with AdsWizz and our attribution partners.


This can be combined with Point-of-Interest (POI) targeting within AudioMatic, which ensures that the listeners are within a predefined proximity to your location when hearing the ad. This can also be combined with ShakeMe™, which can provide the option of navigating the listener to an address upon shaking their device.


Mercedes-Benz wanted to improve their customers’ experience and effectively communicate their newly launched pop-up stores. The ad leveraged Point of Interest targeting from AdsWizz so that the ad only played when listeners were in close proximity to the store. The listener’s musical preferences also factored in, with the ad’s background music switching to the genre they were listening to at the time. This award winning campaign increased store traffic by 2x.


Attribution no longer needs to be that elusive holy grail. When you have the right combination of tools and technology, you can measure the true impact of your campaigns and make more informed decisions around your ad spend.

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