How to Take Advantage of Weather Targeting in Audio

Weather, consciously or unconsciously, affects the daily choices we make. Research shows that weather can affect what we wear, what we do, our mood, and even our social interactions. It can even influence stock prices! What many don’t know is, it’s also a great tool to help marketers convey messages to their audiences at opportune times.


Weather targeting in advertising increases the relevancy of an ad based on the environment of the listener. Advertisers can contextualize ads and engage listeners based on local temperatures and forecasted weather conditions. Nowadays, weather targeting has become highly sophisticated, with programmatic audio advertising enabling advertisers to target listeners based on all kind of conditions- i.e  rain, cloudy, heavy snow, humidity, storm, pollen counts, UV, air quality, and temperature.


When it comes to leveraging the weather, the applications are endless. By promoting the right products to the right listeners at the most relevant location and time, advertisers can clear the way towards campaign success and higher conversion rates.


Weather influences a listener’s decision making process, which makes it a key factor in driving sales. For example, some products sell better when the heat rises (like iced coffee drinks), while others sell when it’s colder (like heating systems for your home). When the weather conditions resonate with the content of the ad, advertisers can significantly reduce the number of wasted audio ad impressions and ultimately drive more sales.


Weather targeting also can help advertisers find pockets of demand. Many companies get a sales boost in a particular season, like ice cream vendors. They’re more likely to sell their products in the summer, when conditions tend to be sunny. But, if ice cream vendors were only to sell their products during the hot summer months, they’d miss their sales targets. Weather targeting can help them reach potential customers on warmer days all throughout the year.


Weather doesn’t only influence what we eat, it also impacts the activities we do. During a rainy day, an advertiser would be much more effective in running ads for movie tickets, museum tours, exhibitions and other indoor activities, rather than an outdoor concert.


And of course, weather is also a great tool for anticipating (and capitalizing on) demand patterns among buyers. For example, weather targeting can be useful come allergy or cold and flu season. Pharmaceutical companies can boost their sales on seasonal medication by targeting listeners during cold snaps or days with increased pollen counts.


At AdsWizz, advertisers and audio publishers can easily access weather targeting through our AudioMatic and AudioServe platforms. Our platforms leverage live weather data from our trusted partners in a very timely manner (i.e hourly), enabling advertisers to quickly make decisions and run certain campaigns as soon as weather conditions change. One can smoothly select from a list of weather conditions (Thunderstorm, Rain, Wind, Clear Sky, Cloudy, Heavy Snow, Sunny, Humidity, etc.), temperatures (in C or F) or other conditions (pollen counts, flu levels, UV, air quality).


To learn more about how AdsWizz can help when it comes to weather targeting contact us (if you’re already an existing client, feel free to reach out to your AdsWizz Partner).

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