Product Deepdive with Sounds Profitable – AdsWizz Audio DSP (AudioMatic)

A Walkthrough of All the Bells and Whistles of the AdsWizz Audio DSP (AudioMatic)

An entertaining conversation between two audio adtech nerds around the power of dynamic ad insertion and the sophisticated podcast buying capabilities available today. In this deep dive Erik Barraud, SVP of Product at AdsWizz, will walk Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable through Adswizz’s planning and buying platform for advertisers, AudioMatic. Erik will walk through their media planning feature (inventory forecasting), set-up a campaign and dive into the granular targeting capabilities, and then wrap it up with a bow by covering dynamic reporting features.

Think of this like the final meeting your company would have with an adtech vendor, fully running through what the product actually is and how it’s used. No power points, press releases, or marketing presentations here. It’s time for some detailed product reviews.

AdsWizz Audiomatic is a scalable way to reach podcast and audio listeners.

  • Brand safety and premium inventory. Advanced targeting and customized reporting.
  • Real-time measurement and attribution.
  • Innovative ad formats for personalized experiences.
  • Designed for podcasts and audio from the ground up.


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