Adsplaining Audio Brand Safety for Advertisers

In a 2021 survey taken by adult consumers from the United States, 78% of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed that marketers should be troubled by their ads appearing next to harmful content on a website or app. So, it should go without saying that negative associations with published content can degrade a marketer’s brand equity: enter brand safety.

For audio advertisers, brand safety consists of strategies in streaming audio and podcasts that protect brands from toxic environments when advertising, saving their integrity and reputation. It works just like a guide that assures a brand’s ad reaches its destination at the right time. Brand Safety ensures that advertisers can attain more control, optimize their investments, and achieve more trust with audiences.

Brand Safety Tactics for Advertisers
Block Malicious Threats

Blocklisting capabilities easily thwart fraudulent domains, malicious IPs, and user agents on audio and second-screen retargeting. By incorporating a variety of security partners, brands can block less desirable domains to counter the latest fraudulent threats. 

Secure Audio Ads

When setting up new campaigns, brands can enable specific parameters to fend off harmful or unsuitable content. For example, building a tailored audio segment for each campaign and targeting away from particular genres, types of publishers, language, or inventory.

Fine-Tune the Advertising Journey

Brands can activate brand suitability protections that offer greater precision to determine what content is safe and contextually relevant. For instance, hate speech segments can be tweaked based on risk tolerance. High-risk averts actual acts of hate speech, while low-risk avoids educational content on the matter.

Build a Safety Map

To help get more scale and make it easier to find brand-safe, appropriate content, brands can utilize AI Transcription Technology to transcribe and categorize podcast episodes. This tool verifies all podcast content with Comscore to extract the contextual essence of each podcast – down to episode level – providing a unique pattern profile that is more accurate than simply identifying the overall topic of the episode.

Access Brand-Safe Premium Inventory

Brands can access technology that employs an inventory qualification process to select from a large pool of premium streaming and podcast publishers. For example, AdsWizz’s supply experts qualify each publisher and perform advanced automated checks and technical verification on privacy and addressability. Certification facilitates monitoring of publishers and AudioMatic (AdWizz’s digital audio demand-side platform) campaign health.

In Closing

Creating a unified, holistic approach to audio brand safety by leveraging the right technology solutions is essential to ensuring advertising messages are in the right places, contextually relevant, and up to the highest standards of excellence. Brands are responsible for building consumer trust and need to undergo these measures to secure their ad alignment with content that does right by consumer sentiment. These steps will allow brands safe harbor without compromising their reach and frequency goals.

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by Daniel Einhorn, Senior Manager, Content Marketing


Daniel Einhorn

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