Adsplaining Audio Brand Safety for Publishers

Brand safety is often associated with advertisers, but it’s also very much a publisher’s concern. Publishers are brands; thus, they must ensure that the ads displayed on their platforms align with their values. Improper ad placement on a publisher’s platform would incur a negative perception from the audience, who could turn away from that publisher, resulting in possible losses. 

Audio brand safety for publishers is particularly relevant to protect them from being associated with ads that could harm or negatively impact their reputations. For example, highly objectionable political ads in today’s polarized environment could damage publishers of all stripes. 

That said, when publishers arm themselves with the right technology and tools, they can implement audio brand safety more securely and efficiently.

Audio Brand Safety Tactics for Publishers
Manage IAB Categories

Publishers can define guidelines around IAB classifications by blocking, trusting, and untrusting a category for specific publishers or across all inventory.

Supervise Advertiser Domains

With an advertiser domain solution, publishers can oversee ads from undesirable domains at a detailed level, guaranteeing that a brand name stays protected.

Drive Listener Experience with Frequency Capping

Hearing the same type of ads can lead to a disruptive listening experience. With a frequency capping solution, publishers can specify multi-capping rules at a global tier or for each advertiser domain to provide the most suitable layer of protection. 

This is particularly important because publishers can set controversial topics like politics as untrusted and manually approve or reject all political ads within this category and even specific subcategories as untrusted if they want to apply brand guidelines at a more granular level.

In Closing

Audio brand safety has become an increasingly significant concern for publishers. Best practices and the right technology ensure publishers safeguard their reputations by setting clear measures and keeping brand-value top-of-mind.

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by Daniel Einhorn, Senior Manager, Content Marketing


Daniel Einhorn

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