AdsWizz Launches New Automated Podcast Buying Capabilities on its Programmatic Platform

New AudioMatic Features Enable Automated Host-Read Ad Campaigns and Brand Safe Audience Buys


San Mateo, CA (March 26, 2020) – Today, AdsWizz, the leading global technology provider for digital audio advertising solutions, announced new features within AudioMatic, its audio-centric programmatic buying platform, to enhance podcast planning and buying for large agencies.


The new features, which include automating host-read campaigns and offering brand safe audience buys, come at a time of explosive growth in the podcast market, which is projected to reach $1B by 2021, according to the IAB. The number of Americans who listened to a podcast in the past month topped 100 million for the first time this year, jumping from 32 percent of the population in 2019 to 37 percent in 2020, according to Edison Research.


“Digital audio buys are increasingly being automated by agencies, which is translating to podcasts. While host-read ads represent an important part of podcast advertising, the process of managing these campaigns is still very manual,” said Alexis Van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “The updates to our AudioMatic platform offer publishers and buyers the ability to manage host-read ads in a simpler and scalable way through automation.”


By automating host-read ads, AudioMatic allows marketers to maintain authenticity and connection while creating scale. With these new features, agencies and advertisers can build a single brief, allow hundreds of publishers to participate, and keep control of their campaign.


The new brand safety features on the AudioMatic platform are built on top of PodScribe, the AdsWizz contextual-targeting solution for podcasts. PodScribe leverages Comscore’s Activation Solution Suite, which includes a robust set of audience and contextual segments that help advertisers reach specific audiences in brand-safe, relevant content across desktop and mobile platforms.


Other AudioMatic features either available now or coming in the first half of the year include automated podcast buying with behavioral targeting and enhanced media planning and measurement. In addition, easy inventory discovery, including what to buy based on objectives, category, show level, audiences, and streaming vs. download, will also be available on the platform.


The updates are part of a larger AdsWizz initiative to bring more efficient and scalable podcast buying to agencies. In response to growing agency demand, AdsWizz is continuing to enhance its AudioMatic Audio Ad Buying Platform to make it easier for large agencies to buy podcasts with the targeting and benefits they are accustomed to on programmatic buying platforms.


AdsWizz’s full stack, end-to-end digital audio advertising platform brings scale to podcast advertising, enables intelligent podcast buying, and includes monetization solutions for some of the largest podcast publishers. These publishers continue to retain control over the solution and are able to offer host read ads at scale.


Agencies looking to learn more about the podcast opportunity can download the new AdsWizz whitepaper for agencies, Podcast Advertising in a Programmatic World – A Primer for Agencies, available today on The whitepaper explores the latest opportunities and current challenges in buying advertising on podcasts today and provides a roadmap for how agencies can unlock the podcast opportunity. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.


About AdsWizz:
AdsWizz has created the end-to-end technology platform that is powering the digital audio advertising ecosystem. AdsWizz powers well-known music platforms, podcasts and broadcasting groups worldwide with a comprehensive digital audio software suite of solutions that connect audio publishers to the advertising community. From dynamic ad insertion to advanced programmatic platforms to innovative new audio formats, AdsWizz efficiently connects buyers and sellers in digital audio. AdWizz provides adtech solutions for some of the world’s leading podcast publishers, including NPR, iHeart, PodcastOne in the US, and Lagardare, Nextregie, and RTL in Europe. AdsWizz is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an IT Development hub in Bucharest, Romania, and a presence in 39 markets around the world. AdsWizz has received multiple awards for its technology, including Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading from DRUM Digital Trading, and Best Monetization Platform from AdExchanger and Digiday.

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